Sunday, January 17

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Navalcarnero makes history in the Cup against Eibar

The Navalcarnero players celebrate their victory. EFEEibar suffered this Sunday the bell of the Copa del Rey in the round of sixteenth when falling (3-1) against Navalcarnero, Second Division B, while Villarreal, Valencia, Granada, Betis and Osasuna fulfilled as 'First' to reach the eighth.Those of José Luis Mendilibar came out blushing from their visit to the Community of Madrid. The home team s...

The Madrid Clinic admits that it has vaccinated several retirees who should not

Toilets of the Madrid Clinic, in a file photo. EFE He Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid admitted this Sunday that it had vaccinated against covid-19 to "several" retirees of the center that they should not have had to receive the injection, understanding their association that it was "for all retired personnel" and not only for the volunteers who serve in the hospital. ...

Kenny Omega beats Rich Swann at Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill

Courtesy of AEWDuring Impact Wrestling's Main Event Hard to kill Pay per view on Saturday night, the All Elite Wrestling Champion pinned the Impact Wrestling Champion.Kenny Omega, who entered the ring sporting the AEW championship belt and a Bullet Club jersey, closed the show. with a clean pin on Rich Swann, the current Impact Champion. The fight between promotions saw Team Omega take on Impact champions Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, and they took on Swann, Moose and Chris Sabin. The end result was a 20 minute match that provided a fantastic display of professional wrestling.The ending sequence of the fight saw Swann take a Magic Killer from Gallows and Anderson, and then he was on the receiving end of Omega's patented V-Trigger and One-Winged Angel finisher. That combination led t...

When coffee is served in an isocarro

Car that has bought a catering establishment in Elche to be able to sell coffee after 5:00 p.m. | ANTONIO AMORÓS That the hospitality industry is one of the sectors most affected by the health crisis has no discussion at this point. Proof of this are the continuous protests in all corners of the province by the owners of premises or the meetings with political agents to seek solutions that do not arrive. The latest restrictions approved by the Consell, mainly the one that forces them to lower the b...

A barricade over the river where the children played

I'm going to tell you a story. It goes from fences that cut roads, signs that give the stop and police controls. It happens on the bridge that crosses the Molinell river, which separates the terms of Dénia with Oliva, this is from Alicante with Valencia. El Molinell, where clean waters flow as long as the damaged treatment plant of some urbanization does not come to stain everything, ends at Les Deveses beach, a place of dunes that look like hills, generous sand and magnificent views: to the south, far away,...

Tourist rentals write off Easter after the third wave of the pandemic

Tourists carry their suitcases on Benidorm's Levante beach, full of tourist apartments, in an image from two summers ago. | DAVID REVENGA Second Easter in a row that is thrown overboard. The owners of the tourist apartments have more than assumed that the Easter holidays are not going to be the lifeline to hold on to in the worst economic moment that the sector is going through. The pandemic rampant again, with levels worse than those of March and April of last year,...

Biden will debut with a dozen immediate measures to bury the Trump era | International

Joe Biden plans to begin to bury the Trump era from the first day in office, next Wednesday, January 20, signing a dozen executive actions of great symbolic weight: the return to the Paris climate agreement, the end of the migratory veto for a group of Muslim-majority countries, a mandatory mask-wearing mandate on federal property and the sending of an immigration bill to Congress. In a Washington still shocked by the attack on Congress on January 6 and about to embark on the second impeachment or impeachment of Trump, the new Democratic leader will try to set the agenda.Biden inherits a country mired in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929, on the verge of reaching 400,000 deaths from coronavirus and deeply divided on the streets. The inauguration, usually a m...

“A house confinement would stop the transmission of the covid”

With the vaccination process underway, "the only hope we have right now to return to a relative new normality", Dr. Adoración Alcalá highlights "the titanic effort" that the Preventive, Public Health and Attention Service is making Primary to carry it out. Meanwhile and, with the high numbers of infections registered in the province in r...

Premier League: tight title race continues with Liverpool-United draw

Another Manchester United game against a superior team, another 0-0 draw. A point away at Anfield, where Liverpool have not lost in 68 games, should never be looked down upon, leaving United at the top of the table, two points ahead of Leicester City with Liverpool one point behind. But it's three dead ends now for United against Big Six teams this season. He has yet to beat either of them (or Leicester), and it is that fact more than anyone else that casts doubt on United's title credentials. But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be quite happy with the performance and the result. Certainly Jurgen Klopp would be the most concerned. Even with all the defensive injuries, there has been a feeling that Liverpool were still the most likely champion and that at some point they would rediscover...

The pandemic leaves the highest mortality in the province in at least 90 years

Image of the Alicante cemetery during the last All Saints celebration. | HÉCTOR FUENTES The coronavirus pandemic has left the province with the highest mortality in at least 90 years. This is shown by the data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for estimating weekly deaths, which began to collect experimentally with the onset of the health crisis. According to this study, throughout 2020 18,049 people died in Alicante municipalities, a figure never reached to date at least since 1930, the oldest record that the agency makes availabl...