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Andrew Dominik: “Ana de Armas is pure instinct in front of the camera. I love her”

Luis Martinez Saint Sebastian Updated Saturday, September 24, 2022 - 17:50A few days before the release of the most anticipated film of recent years, the director of 'Blonde' reviews the long production process, his work with actress Ana de Armas in the role of Marilyn Monroe and the problems of a premiere on Netflix riddled with rumors and hoaxesThe director Andrew Dominikposa with the actress Ana de Armas at the presentation of 'Blonde' in San Sebastian.John SmithEFEA Andrew Dominik (Wellington, New Zealand, 1967) you have to yell at him. He says so and her obvious deafness. "Grteme", she orders without blush or modesty after the usual good morning. And it is curious that this is the usual form of communication with the director of the film that has sparked the most rumors (man...

What could happen if Putin used nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

The veiled threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in case the «territorial integrity» of Russia is threatened, generated intense discussions in the West about a possible response."When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. This is not a bluff»Putin said. "Those who they try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind can turn against them," he added. However, many analysts are not convinced that Putin wants to be the first to trigger nuclear attackssince the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. AFP spoke to various experts and officials about possible scenarios that could arise should Russia carry out a...

Gareth Bale and Wales focus on getting house in order before World Cup | wales

When England exited Euro 2016 via an ignominious defeat to Iceland, Wales took great delight in their misery, celebrating at their hotel base in Dinard. A video of the Wales squad jumping for joy and huddling together as England's players fell to the floor like dominoes went viral.England's relegation from the Nations League is incomparable and neither were Wales, 67 days out from when they collide in their final Group B match at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, ever going to contemplate a repeat of those scenes, which, it is fair to say , received mixed reviews.It is five long games without a win for England and four for Wales but the latter undeniably find themselves in a good spot before hosting Poland on Sunday, encouraged by a strong second-half performance in Thursday's defeat to Belgi...

I’ll always treasure my last meeting with Hilary Mantel | Hilary Mantel

Yot was not even three weeks ago that I spent time with Hilary and she seemed absolutely well: lively, full of enthusiasm, fun. But the main thing on her mind was that she and her husband, Gerald McEwen, were due to move to Ireland, where I live, and she was so looking forward to it.She wrote me a lovely note after the interview, imagining with pleasure her future in Ireland. She'd been thinking of moving for a few years – partly because she has Irish heritage and partly as a result of Brexit and the general political situation in the UK.I think it would be wrong to suggest it was just about getting away from Britain – it was also very much a desire to be in Ireland. In a characteristically offbeat aside, she had talked very amusingly of the ubiquity in modern life of molded plastic ...
Tech News

The bargain mobile is dying. The mid-range is increasingly an entry range

Just a few days ago, a colleague asked me about a cheap mobile (200, 250 euros) with good specifications. I didn't know where to go. Not long ago it was possible to buy balance cheaply, and the best example was last year's POCO X3 Pro. In just a few months the mobile market is turning to more complicated terrainwith specifications cut in the "medium" ranges and prices that bring us closer to high ranges. It is enough to consult our Chinaware and put the price cap at 250 euros to see how, although we have solvent options, the bargain mobile is disappearingThere are no longer any outright winners or phones shining in specs shining at this price point. (more…)

A true crime podcast has helped free Adnan Syed but the killer must still be caught | Bidisha Mamata

YoIn 2014, one audio series kickstarted the podcast revolution and reinvigorated true crime documentaries. Serial was a US audio series created by Julie Snyder, Ira Glass and Sarah Koenig. It examined the murder in 1999 of an American teenager, Hae Min Lee, and the conviction and jailing of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed.Thanks to the questions Serial raised about that murder investigation and trial, Syed had his conviction overturned last week.That's good for him. I'm thinking now about Hae Min Lee, the murdered woman. I care that speculative “himpathy” seems to outweigh any drive for justice for murdered women and girls. Snyder, Glass and Koenig are not prosecutors, murder detectives, forensics experts, criminal profilers or specialists in perpetrator tactics. They have made their...

Adobe can’t Photoshop out the fact its $20bn Figma deal is a naked land grab | John Naughton

The big tech news in a slow week was that the software giant Adobe is planning to pay the unconscionable sum of $20bn (£18bn) to acquire a small company called Figma. Why is this news? Well, first of all, there's the price – way above any rational valuation of Figma. Second, there's the question that we have finally learned to ask about tech mergers and acquisitions: is there a competition or antitrust issue here somewhere?We'll come to the price later, but at first sight, the answer to the second question would seem to be no: the two companies are not direct competitors. Adobe dominates the market in software for creating and publishing digital and printed material – graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures and print. If you've ever used Pho...

Miedema doubles up as Arsenal rout Tottenham in front of record WSL crowd

Pioneers, record-breakers and title hunters. Arsenal, England’s most successful women’s team, hosted a new Women’s Super League record crowd of 47,367 at the Emirates Stadium as they powered to a 4-0 win over their north London rivals, Tottenham, to extend their early lead at the top of the table.There was a real buzz around north London. Tube trains were littered with red and white hours before kick-off as the crowd swarmed towards the ground. For those who had tasted England’s triumph at Wembley in July, there was hope and hushed whispers. Were they about to witness some more history?Just 10 minutes before kick-off there were nervous faces, with the stands still patchy, but the flow of fans trickling down the aisles didn’t stop.The gap between these two sides has been shrinking year-o...

Russia shells cities; critics blast ‘farce’ vote

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian forces launched new strikes on Ukrainian cities as Kremlin-orchestrated votes took place in occupied regions of Ukraine to create a pretext for their annexation by Moscow.Ukraine's presidential office said the latest Russian shelling killed at least three people and wounded 19. Oleksandr Starukh, the Ukrainian governor of Zaporizhzhia, one of the regions where Moscow-installed officials organized referendums on joining Russia, said a Russian missile hit an apartment building in the city of Zaporizhzhia, killing one person and injuring seven others.Ukraine and its Western allies say the referendums underway in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in the south and the eastern Luhansk and Donetsk regions have no legal force. They alleged the votes were an illegitimate attempt ...

Russia-Ukraine war sees Putin escalate for internal reasons

Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to greatly escalate his war on Ukraine — his announcement Wednesday of a partial mobilization of reserves, four sham referendums in partly occupied Ukrainian territories and a veiled nuclear threat — reflects his desperation to reverse the advances Ukraine has made in recent weeks . That desperation is likely to result from internal pressure.Until now, Putin has bent over backward to avoid a formal mobilization of the armed forces through calling up former military members and recruiting fresh troops (although informally, the military might have begun to do that as early as April or May). Putin has almost certainly obfuscated to avoid domestic backlash. Russians often say to themselves at times of hardship, “just so long as there is no war....