Friday, December 3

authorities are looking for at least 100 who fled

(CNN) β€” Texas authorities are searching for at least 100 undocumented immigrants who they say fled a refrigerated truck parked at a service station in the San Antonio area, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said Thursday in a Press conference.

Salazar said that the authorities received a call in which they were informed that “undocumented immigrants were being illegally entered the country.” And they were begging for air When officers found the truck, they saw people jumping out of it. When other officers arrived, “a large crowd of people got out of the truck and ran into the forest,” Salazar said.


Sheriff Javier Salazar gives details of the incident near San Antonio, Texas.

At least 50 people have been arrested, including 38 men and 12 women. All of them were in good health after emergency workers examined them, Salazar said. There were no children among the detainees. However, the whereabouts of other people are still unknown, and Salazar says it is concerning given the freezing weather.

β€œIt’s almost freezing here, and it’s still snowing. And our concern is that people are going to be very exposed to the elements and, frankly, we are concerned that some of these people may be in danger very, very soon, “Salazar said.

However, Salazar says he believes some of the traffickers could be among those who fled the truck.

Most immigrants are from Guatemala and El Salvador, say Texas authorities

At this time, authorities are trying to find out more about those involved and determine who made the call. He added that those traveling in the truck had “ripped the gasket off one of the doors, trying to get fresh air into the truck” before fleeing.

Salazar said that most of the immigrants are from Guatemala and El Salvador. He also explained that National Security Investigations officials are collaborating with the investigation. He added that there is video evidence of the incident that would be made public at some point.

Authorities are still searching for the people who ran into the woods, especially since many of them wore only jeans and T-shirts in the intense cold and snow.

Officials said received a similar call last week. A man who spoke Spanish called 911 and said he was inside a tanker truck carrying 80 migrants to San Antonio.

National Security Investigations officials have also taken over that investigation.

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