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Authorities rule out NYC hospital collapse for Omicon breakthrough for now

With just less than two weeks to leave office, Mayor Bill de Blasio faces a new wave of infections due to the omicron variant of COVID-19 in the Big Apple that has put “hanging by a thread” massive end of the year celebrations that were projected as the cry of a return to “normalcy”, which continues to cost New Yorkers a lot.

This Monday the municipal authorities reiterated that although an “explosion” of new cases is just around the corner, it is time to further expand vaccines and take protection provisions for the family on these Christmas eve. But they denied the slightest possibility that the hospital system is under threat to collapse due to the increase in serious cases.

Given the certainty that the number of positive patients will increase after the Christmas festivities, the outgoing De Blasio Administration targets health centers to avoid the collapse of hospitalization services, especially in those 11 public hospitals administered by the City.

Until this Monday, 193 people were detained for serious pictures of the viral disease, which means for the municipal authorities a “slight symptom” that must be attacked, if one takes into account that it is 35% more, if it is contrasted with the beginning of November.

“There is no risk of collapse”

Faced with this trend, spokesmen for the New York City Public Hospitals Corporation (NYC Health + Hospitals) conclude before local media that they are “better prepared than ever.”

“COVID cases are nowhere near the records we set in the first wave of the pandemic, and we can seamlessly monitor capacity at all facilities and adjust as necessary,” he told The New York Post. Christopher Miller de NYC Health + Hospitals.

For his part, Dr. Mitchell Katz, president of the hospital agency, reported this Monday that looking at the latest data on the new version of the coronavirus, apparently “It does not cause such a serious disease.”

“Although we are still learning about this topic. It certainly appears that omicron doesn’t cause such sharp frames, as we’ve seen with Delta. One of the positive things is that, in general, it seems that when people are in the hospital, have shorter stays”, Katz appreciated.

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According to the findings of the New York City Health authorities, many people with complications that need to be confined have been vaccinated. This means that they have immunity or have been previously exposed to the virus. And this is preliminarily associated with that do not get seriously ill.

“This has made a huge difference and keeps hospitals from being overwhelmed. In a week or two we will know exactly what proportion of New Yorkers who contract COVID-19 end up sick enough to be in the hospital. We can ensure that all our health centers have plans to face a peak that occurs in the future”, He specified.

The head of public hospitals in the Big Apple, predicts that in the days to come, they will not be needed plans to expand beds or intensive care units.

In the 11 public hospitals in the city of New York, there is a detailed monitoring of severe cases of COVID-19, but there is no expectation of overcrowding in the coming weeks. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Parties only for vaccinated

The City also denies “for now” massive commercial closings and the cancellation of large events, but they are encouraging families to celebrate for the second year in a row. parties in a “different way”.

“I know a lot of people are looking forward to the holidays. But omicron has changed the landscape and caused anxiety and confusion. So our main advice is to plan your next days protecting your most vulnerable family member, that is, the elderly and unvaccinated, ”explained Dr Dave Chomsky, commissioner of the New York City Department of Health (DOHMH).

The “prescription” of the main doctor of the City includes “where possible” to organize virtual meetings and limit gatherings on these holidays to fully vaccinated people.

The main advice is that “non-immunized” people avoid traveling and that discard tests are practiced periodically, it is also recommended do not take the elderly to crowded spaces on these dates of people.

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“For my own family, we made some adjustments to vacation plans around my young daughter, who is not yet eligible for vaccination. We decided to postpone some trips out of town. However, we will continue to find ways to spend time with family both locally and online, ”Chomsky said.

The point of most concern about omicron climbing is people who remain unvaccinated: “Please take extra precautions for yourself and the safety of others, such as avoiding travel. And remember that it’s never too late to get vaccinated “, stressed the official.

Some Hispanic mothers, like Salvadoran Sandra Rivas They chose to “protect” their family by vaccinating the little ones.

“This year at Christmas we will only meet the members of the family who are vaccinated. One has seen on the news that everything is getting bad again with the virus”Sandra commented as she came out of immunizing her six-year-old daughter at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Also, the Guatemalan Amanda López, who attended this same hospital for a routine check-up, wishes that those days of the hospital nightmare of spring 2020 will never return.

“I got sick and so much was said that it was happening in the hospitals that I decided to stay calm at home. And thank God I survived. Now that there is a new wave, I prefer to change plans and protect ourselves more, “said Amanda.

The Guatemalan Amanda López overcame the virus in 2020 and will prefer a “quieter” Christmas. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Follow the new wave of infected

This Monday, after a weekend when he realized a five-fold increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, if compared to the beginning of November, the municipal leader stressed that the new wave of the virus with more vaccines.

“6.6 million New Yorkers five years and older have stepped forward in recent weeks to protect their family, with at least one dose,” he highlighted on his twitter account.

But at the same time, De Blasio announced that 6,989 new positive tests are reported in the five counties in the last hours, which describes a significant advance of the infection taking into account that four weeks ago the average daily cases did not exceed 1,000.

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Just last Sunday, New York State reported 22,478 new cases for more than 60,000 in the last three days, a record since the pandemic began.

Scientific experts specify that although the figures exceed the city’s first brutal wave, the true death toll from the early days of the pandemic will never be known because evidence was so scant at the time.

In her daily update, the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul reported that due to the increase in requests for discard tests, they are guaranteeing 10 million free tests for the next few weeks, of which 5 million will be received before 2022.

He clarified that 1.6 million of these tests will be directed to the Big Apple and 2 million will go to school districts.

“The winter increase in COVID-19 cases is a reminder that we must remain vigilant in our fight against the pandemic, which is why it is important to insist on vaccination. Let’s make sure that our loved ones and the most vulnerable among us this holiday season be with us also for the next ones and many more to come “, he concluded.

Vaccinations, hospitalized and tests:

  • 193 hospitalized until this Monday with symptoms associated with COVID-19 in NYC
  • 4,020 hospitalized with severe cases statewide, totaling more than 140 cases to last Sunday’s reports.
  • 6,989 new cases in the average of the last days.
  • 12,974,734 immunizations against the coronavirus have been administered in NYC.
  • 6 million adults fully vaccinated in the Big Apple.
  • 600,000 children have already received at least one dose.
  • 89 rapid test sites City-run open in all five boroughs.
  • 23 new sites They will be added this same week before Christmas.

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