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Autumn plans: low cost leisure ideas for the whole family :: Iberian Press for Vodafone

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We know that autumn is usually a time when more than one family has to tighten their belts to make ends meet, especially when we have young children. Buying the books for the new year, uniforms or new clothes, school supplies… they make the slope more steep than normal. But, although we are going through a bad economic situation, we cannot stop enjoying family plans. We propose several ideas for you all to have a great time and spend a lot of money.

Spend the day in the country

In autumn there are still days with good weather to be able to enjoy a day in the country with the family. Some breaded steaks, a potato omelette, something fresh and many games to have a great time with the little ones in the house. Spending the day in the countryside allows us to walk a bit, breathe fresh air and allow the whole family to get in touch with nature.

Do not forget to put a rope, a ball or a game in your backpack to share unique moments all together.

Bicycle route for the whole family

There are many routes that are prepared so that we can do them with children and that adjust to the rhythm of the little ones. The whole family on two wheels is a very fun plan to bring children closer to nature while they play sports and foster team spirit. If you are going to spend many hours on the bike it is important to be well equipped with a good helmet and clothing adapted to the activity. If, in addition to that, we can be equipped with gloves due to possible falls, we will avoid more than one scratch.

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Living adventures together are plans that tend to bring families closer together.

Free tour for your city

Every time we travel abroad, whether to another city or country, we reserve a free tour to know from the hand of experts all the corners of the place. But many times we forget to discover those curiosities of the city in which we live. Therefore, one of the most interesting plans you can do as a family is to do a free tour around your city and tell you the history of the place where you live. Surely the little ones in the house will love discovering all the secrets of the streets they walk through every day.

Virtual visit to the Prado Museum

For those cold days when you don’t feel like leaving the house, they can visit the Prado Museum from anywhere in Spain. Children can come into contact with culture easily and simply. Through a children’s audio guide, the Infanta Margarita invites you to visit the rooms of the Prado Museum to discover the collections thanks to the comments of masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, Tiziano, El Bosco, Murillo or Rubens. A very entertaining way of bringing art to the public.

To visit the Prado Museum you only need to have an internet connection at home. We know that at the end of the month it is an extra expense but very necessary. For this reason, Vodafone supports those who are going through a bad economic situation with its social rates, such as Connected Rate, designed for those people over 30 years of age who are beneficiaries of the Minimum Living Income. For 10 euros per month, this rate includes 5G navigation up to 15GB and unlimited calls. Another option is the Rate Conectad @ s + internet, which includes mobile and internet, with accumulative 15GB and unlimited calls for 25 euros per month.

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Popcorn and action!

Now we have many platforms with movies and series so that we can watch them without leaving home. If we need to organize a plan low costWhy not make some homemade popcorn, soda and spend Sunday afternoon watching a movie with the family? Of course, it is up to the children of the house to choose a film.

Vodafone social: a rate adapted to you

Vodafone rates are designed for those people who currently have fewer resources so that they do not stop being connected while their situation improves and can continue to have, within the reach of a click or a call, the way to work their network of contacts and the possibility of finding or generating new opportunities. Because, in addition, when contracted, these rates provide free access to Udemy, the leading online training platform, and Future Jobs Finder, an exclusive platform from Vodafone to guide the job search.

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