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Autumn winter fashion | How to know if a pants is your size without trying it on?

Autumn winter fashion |  How to know if a pants is your size without trying it on?

Autumn winter fashion | How to know if a pants is your size without trying it on?

One of the things that can be more lazy when it comes to buy clothes it is probarsela, Specially in autumn and winter, when we wear many layers, or if we have children in our charge (take off the pants while with the other eye the little one is supervised is an arduous task). Also, many shops of clothing have applied strict protocols in their testers for the pandemic. If you hate that moment, or just go with just the right time, there are a number of tricks, valid for both men and women, which They will help you to know if a pants is in your size no need to try them on or waste time in the store.

In general we all know what kind of garments favor us plus. If it is true that depending on the type of fabric, shot, or pattern the pants O cowboy can we feel better or worse, but hitting the size it will be easier if you use one of these tricks.

Surely more than once you have wondered why if you buy pants from a specific brand you use one size and if you change your signature, you need two more sizes. The proportionality of our body, which is what the following tricks are based on and fashion lessons, is the best way to get the size of the clothes right.

Infallible tricks to get the size right

One of them consists of wrapping the waistband of the pants or skirt around the neck, as if it were a cape. If the waist of the garment closes just to the perimeter, then you have hit your size. If there is no fabric or excess, you will have to choose another size.

Another way to find the perfect jeans or skirt is as follows: close your fist and check if your forearm and cuff fit inside the waistband of the pants. If it fits the size and there is no excess fabric or missing, you will be in front of the appropriate pants or skirt.

To hit a T shirtYou must take the garment from the shoulder seam and bring it to yours, just where the arms meet. Keep your back straight and lift your chest slightly. If it fits you, it is your size.

The forearm, it also helps us to measure the footwear: you just have to put the sole over the back of the arm and see if it matches. Normally the measurement of the forearm is usually the same as that of the footwear.

If, on the other hand, you want to know if some socks They are your size (this trick is suitable for babies or children), wrap the foot part of the sock around. If the toe and heel touch without having to pull and the ends are not mounted, they are your size.

If you don’t want to risk buying something without trying it on using these tricks for fear of having to return it, you can try the pants you have in your closet and see how they work!

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