Tuesday, October 19

AVE | Emergency drill in the Murcia underground tunnel

Adif carried out this Tuesday morning, in collaboration with other organizations, a emergency drill in the tunnel of the underground access to Murcia (phase I), 1,113 meters long, belonging to the Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencian Community-Murcia Region high-speed line and included in the Mediterranean Corridor. The drill is framed in the Security Master Plan designed for facilities and services with the aim of implementing the tunnel self-protection plan. It is part of compliance with the regulatory process, prior to the commissioning of the infrastructure, for compliance with European regulations and required by the State Railway Safety Agency.

The emergency consisted of the hypothetical fire of the last car of a passenger train, with evacuation of passengers, including a person with reduced mobility, as well as the rescue and health care of some injured. Once the emergency is transmitted to the Adif Protection and Security Center (CPS), the Emergency Action Plan is activated, which coordinates the intervening agents. On the part of the direction of the simulation, it proceeds to analyze the actions and measure the response times.

Once the hypothetical incident occurs, the internal security and self-protection services are activated and, after a first damage assessment, the emergency intervention services are alarmed through 112. Once they have reached the point of the incident, the Murcia firefighters established an Advanced Command Post, where the Adif Emergency Chief and all those involved coordinated their actions with the joint crisis table of the Murcia Region Emergency Coordination Center.

The drill counted with the collaboration of the three main bodies with authority in emergency management: the Murcia City Council, the Government Delegation and the General Directorate of Emergencies of the Autonomous Community. Thus, the railway company Renfe, firefighters, Local and National Police, health services, Emergency 112 of the CARM, Civil Protection, etc. participated. The main objectives of this action are to verify the functionality of the self-protection plan prepared by Adif AV, guarantee coordination between the internal and external help services in the event of a possible incident, and familiarize the self-protection services with the protocols and specific characteristics of transport railway and the self-protection plan itself. The drill is completed with an impartial arbitration committee and a subsequent evaluation in charge of drawing conclusions, in order to improve the response to possible incidents.

The drill, as an instrument for evaluating the objectives defined in the self-protection plan, is part of the actions to maintain the efficiency of the railway facilities managed by Adif and Adif AV. The drills are carried out annually in the facilities that have a self-protection plan, such as the tunnels of the conventional, high-speed or metric-gauge (RAM) network lines; They are also carried out at stations and terminals for the transport of dangerous goods.


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