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Average will start up three new treatment plants this year

Salvaleón treatment plant, belonging to Promedio. / TODAY

With the Depura Plan, which has 5.35 million euros, it hopes to finish the Lácara, Baterno and La Cardenchosa stations this year

The Treatment Plan of the Average consortium of the Diputación de Badajoz has a budget of 5.35 million euros this year for the start-up of the Lácara, Baterno and La Cardenchosa treatment plants, as well as expecting to have the construction projects of the remaining 25 installations «on the table».

In addition, it is planned that eleven of these works will go out to tender before the end of the year, and that the inhabitants of Orellana la Sierra, Puebla del Maestre, Fuente del Arco, Trasierra, Valverde de Llerena, Pallares, Reina, Malcocinado, Risco, Sancti-Spiritus and Chapel.

In this way, Promedio advances in a “satisfactory” way in the execution of the first phase of the Depura Plan, to achieve the “full purification of wastewater in the province, together with the Junta de Extremadura”, advanced the deputy and vice president of the Average Consortium of the Diputación de Badajoz, Raquel del Puerto Carrasco, at a press conference in which she presented, together with the manager, María Luisa Seguro Atanasio, the projects for 2022 of the consortium, which presents a budget of more than 43 million euros .

Fifty-two municipalities have 714,000 euros to renew their supply networks

Del Puerto highlighted the two lines of action of the Promedio budget, between sustainable management and guarantee of drinking water and sanitation for all people in the province with the Depura Plan as the “most important” program, along with supply and water depuration; and the efficient, rational and sustainable management of waste, which includes as a novelty the beginning of the collection of the organic fraction in different towns.

Thus, and with regard to the Depura Plan, the deputy recalled that in its first phase until 2023, the execution of 20 treatment plants and eight construction projects is planned, as well as that these planned actions are underway in different administrative or execution phases and for the They have already been allocated more than 3 million euros in 2020 and 2021.

The Lácara treatment plant is also in an “advanced state of construction, and very soon there will be earthworks in La Cardenchosa and Baterno.”

Regarding the maintenance and operation of the supply networks, the budget is 12.91 million euros, due to the fact that eight localities have been added to the low drinking water supply, such as Llerena, Monesterio, Fuenlabrada de los Montes, Cristina , Torremayor, Ahillones, Helechosa de los Montes, Garlitos and Valverde de Burguillos, so that Average faces 2022 with 52 towns managed in decline and 130,524 inhabitants served.

In high supply, the incorporation of three new water treatment plants in Don Benito, Fuenlabrada de los Montes and Cordobilla de Lácara, and includes the six municipalities of the Lácara Norte Commonwealth that will be added in the coming weeks.


In her speech, Raquel del Puerto referred to projects such as the Drought Emergency Plans, and in relation to the latter, she explained that “everyone knows the current drought situation and that, for this reason, Promedio is redoubling efforts to be prepared for shortages.

As detailed, this year five new plans will see the light of day, for the 11 localities of the Guadalemar supply system (in La Siberia), for La Coronada-La Haba-Magacela, for Higuera la Real-Fregenal de la Sierra, and also for the municipalities of Don Benito and Atalaya.

Some documents that, as he explained, help when making decisions in a coordinated manner and contain specific strategies “to anticipate and adapt to the effects of the drought” and establish degrees of intensity and actions to be carried out in each of the possible situations.

On the other hand, the 52 municipalities integrated into the Average Consortium will have a total of 714,998 euros in 2022 to carry out works to renew supply networks or actions that promote water saving.

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