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Ayuso also lives in Murcia

We are going to try to translate this apparent enigma. In principle, it seems like a change of model. If we go back a few years, we will observe that both Valcárcel and PAS, and López Miras consequently, followed the same pattern: the political leadership rested on them while the directors of their respective teams limited themselves to managing the day-to-day. But in the current stage, after the convulsion of the failed motion of censure, it seems that we are entering a new phase: the directors will have to do politics, that is, they will have to risk it, while the president presides, that is, it will be limited to their institutional role. To put it another way: the directors now have an entity, they have the freedom and space to assert themselves. As Antoñita Peñuela would say: «Friend driver, the national highway is yours». And the president, to preside.

I already suggested it here last Sunday. The new motto is “to play”. No one in the rear, no one waiting to see what happens. Everyone to get stuck, to contribute what they know and can. In the party and in the Government. Of course, around López Miras, but unloading him of all the weight. You have to open the lights, and whoever supports them will have a prize; who does not, will stay on the road. That is the new law.

Any change of model carries a risk and more when the human factor intervenes, as always in these cases. We cannot be sure that Javier Celdrán, until now the ‘brain’ of the Government, he easily accommodates himself to a secondary role from the political point of view in favor of his successor in the Ministry of the Presidency, Marcos Ortuño, who in turn has been in charge of Tourism and Sports so that he does not end up believing that he has been appointed vice president. It is a balancing act, but Celdrán has more experience than Ortuño at the altar of regional politics, and he can already be seen maneuvering outside of his functions to try to offer the president certain extra cherries like those that, in his day, Miguel Boyer After expropriating the Rumasa Group and subsequently privatizing it, he put his lover, Isabel Preysler, on a platter: Loewe’s property, something like a rose on the bedside table. Celdrán, in the spare time left by the management of the Treasury portfolio, He is still investigating how to compensate López Miras with something more than the future reform of the President’s Law, which with the new parliamentary majority no longer has merit. It will soon be seen.

Arroyo and Ballesta

In the project «all in now for all», Noelia Arroyo is going to be proclaimed, after taking office as mayor of Cartagena and when appropriate in the organic calendar, president of the PP in the city. Not in her best dreams would she have guessed that this logic would be so easy for her, and she probably doesn’t suspect it herself. But in the PP they have it clear: if she is mayor, she must be president of the party to avoid stalking, tutelage attempts or external waiting for succession on account of possible failures. Quino Segado will not only have to move away, but also facilitate the path of Arroyo. The commitment to this must be complete, especially because it has known how to position itself when, at the beginning of the municipal mandate, it seemed that they left it in the suburbs. In the PP they are no longer willing to play the game of thrones but rather to put all their assets into circulation and to reinforce them. Arroyo will be president of the PP of Cartagena as Ayuso of the PP of Madrid. On their own merits against the resistance of the respective apparatuses. Quino will have to relocate: he already has experience (Port Authority, parliamentary spokesperson …).

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José Ballesta is also on this board. In the PP they want it to be decided soon. You are given a (short) time to reflect on your future. If the former mayor of Murcia decides that he is willing to repeat candidacy, they will put the red carpet adorned with those fresh flowers that he likes so much because in the dome they consider that it is the best electoral option, since the municipal government PSOE / Cs emerged from the motion of censure they consider it as a two-year parenthesis that it will involuntarily reinforce the return of the popular ones, who would end up swallowing those of Mario Gómez, this one already without a party. Cs would be occupying an institutional space as a result of currently non-existent electoral support, as the Madrid elections have just revealed, and the PSOE is granted the same growth expectations as those shown by Gabilondo in Court. They believe that the electoral reappearance of Ballesta would be an incentive to visualize the weakness of the alternative constituted with the motion of censure, something like the battle of a reborn Cid. But If Ballesta is not due to the work, they prefer that he give way as soon as possible to the search for who would replace him. “If Crossbow does not continue, we will look for another Crossbow, but this is what we have to do now,” say those who are authorized to say so.

Another Crossbow? Apparently, he would have chosen, or would be in the process of doing so, to bequeath his inheritance to Rebeca Pérez, who has been acting as spokesperson during her tenure. Pérez is a very competent, dedicated, fighter and efficient politician, with the municipality at her head, but in the PP, whose executive she is part of in a prominent position, they do not take anything for granted. “If Rebaca works it out, it will be Rebeca, but here no one inherits anything from anyone,” they say. Precisely because López has interpreted the role of ‘bad’ compensatory along with a figure as institutional as that of former mayor Ballesta, her profile could have been somewhat burdened: too much of the PP to be a candidate of the PP. “The best profile for the mayor of Murcia would be a figure with an image of transversality, opposed to the party rigor of the other political groups,” they say, that is, something like Ballesta, but there is only one Ballesta. Or maybe there are others, but they want to know now. Crossbow: do you follow or not follow? The answer does not stick to his personal time but to that of the party.

Cs in focus

So far the contracted. But in current politics it is necessary to resort to certain lies in which not inconsiderable rumors circulate. For example, there are those who assure that in the city of Murcia the last word has not yet been said, as there could be certain derivations as a result of the extinction of Citizens. More than anything because the councilors of Cs that they had never, until now, done showing excessive public adherence to the current Murcian delegate of his party go out of their way in enthusiastic contemplations, an overacting that some value as suspicious. There is a fact: if one of the four councilors of that group left office, it would give way to someone who would stand with the dissidents, so that everything is tied and well tied, until it could be untied.

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There are even those who have seen in the splendid reception in Lorca of the Councilor for Tourism (Morales, Cs), supporter of the Socialist municipal government, the general director of Tourism Quality (Peñafiel, exCs), with expansion of visits to the tourist points of the town more joint lunch and profusion of photos on corporate websites a sign of what could go beyond institutional normality, especially since the regional leadership of Cs is not very much in favor of its public representatives, as is the case of its spokesman in Lorca, reproduce institutional normality with positions of the PP Government from Cs. Faced with exhibitions like this, alarms go off when everything is taken by the hair.

The trickle

Cs, in its unfortunate process of completion, will continue to give much to talk about. Above all, because the strategy of the PP, with the sinister Hervías (sinister and, therefore, useful) at the helm, installed in an office at the damned headquarters in Genoa, consists of ‘the trickle’. No bloc defections. Everything little by little. Every day has its eagerness. The penultimate, in Valencia, where a few deputies have fallen after the elections in Madrid. What will be next? In the Region, the party leadership no longer has anything to do but engineer coups against its defectors. Now they announce a ‘civil complaint’ (something that technically does not exist) against the four regional deputies “who have appropriated the party’s brand.” A contradiction, since they resort to the law against something that the law allows, that is, that the dissidents of a party, if they are in the majority, can occupy the place that the voters granted to that party. Anti-transfuguism pacts, so called by the parties that sign them, are private agreements outside the law.

But at the same time that the management of what remains of Cs denounces the squatters of its Group, it announces that they are going to the Mixed, a formally contradictory gesture, since no one leaves the house that they think is theirs. It is perfectly understood, because only from the Mixed Group will they have access to the rostrum, they will have a budget for hiring and management (that is, to pay the headquarters) and they will be able to participate in some commissions and propose initiatives, all of this shared with Podemos, involuntary colleagues from the Parliamentary Group, who at the same time will see their time, space and resources diminished. Martínez Vidal will always be able to say like Ayuso after the resignation of Pablo Iglesias: “You owe me one.” We will have to feel it for María Marín, the accredited spokesperson for Podemos, although I do not know if this time the praise will understand it, like last Sunday, as an attack by the rogue press, determined to divide the untouchable Podemos between its proven competence and the Leninist praise of its regional leader for the organic superstructure that sustains it with no other merit than that of the practice of posh communism.

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The beards of Madrid

And it is that, yes, Madrid is the Region that politically resembles Murcia the most, so that when the beards of that one you see peeling … The most expressive thing is that in both uniprovincial Communities governments of the right have succeeded each other for three decades , but the most significant thing is that there are no common percentage voting variables (60/40 in round numbers), although the internal territorial enclaves from which they come change. The first reading is that in Madrid, by civilizational logic, there cannot be three million fascists and two million communists, so someone should take note that it is necessary to change the terms of the speech. Get ashore to begin with.

The first question cleared for our purposes is that the results of Vox in Madrid do not empower it to pressure the PP to call early elections in the Region of Murcia. Clear question.

Another: the electoral liquidation of Cs in Madrid is the prelude to what awaits this party in Murcia, and the proof of the nine is that political problems are resolved emotionally in it. It does not make sense that the candidate who obtains zero deputies is proclaimed the next day number two in the party. Prize for failing, as in the case of maintaining the Murcian tambalillo, despite the deficient information transmitted from Murcia to Inés Arrimadas on the state of the perch on which the pretext of corruption was hung as a lever for a motion of censure in the that the one who was to be vice president declined due to judicial indictment.

The emergence of Más Madrid is another warning in Murcia, not for Podemos, which goes directly to the historical testimoniality of IU, but for the PSOE, which asks improper questions: it is not about knowing how it is possible that a candidate like Ayuso win the elections but for a party like the PSOE to lose them. “It’s not you, it’s me” would be the key to the problem, based on the classic apology of couples who decide to separate. Elections are almost always not won; are lost.

The electoral political sympathy between Madrid and Murcia is more evident because it includes elements of complexity. Both Ayuso and López Miras appeal to freedom, but while the former justifies the concept to go through all the anticovid protocols in favor of the economy, the Murcian president criticizes the central government on the contrary, that is, for ceasing to be restrictive measures in favor of health. The question is: How is it possible that such contradictory attitudes are compatible in the same discourse and at the same time so successful? First exercise in yoga class.

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