Thursday, February 25

Ayuso and Almeida ask Sánchez to dismiss Iglesias

The Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has asked Pedro Sánchez to “immediately cease” the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, for being an “ally” and “always behind vandalism and violent movements“like those experienced last night in Madrid after the demonstration for the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel.

Ayuso has made these statements after visiting, together with the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the Puerta de Sol area to see first-hand the damage that occurred after the riots, which resulted in nineteen people arrested and 55 injured, of which 35 are police.

Hundreds of people gathered in an armored square with a strong police device, and the incidents began when groups of protesters threw street furniture and other objects at members of the Police Intervention Units (IPU), that they charged against them.

Ayuso considers that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, “must say something” about the vandalism that have occurred in the last two days in various parts of Spain.

“They have put Iglesias in the Spanish institutions” and, from there, he is “instigating” to manifest facing the “imprisonment of a criminal” as, in his opinion, is the rapper Pablo Hasel.

In this way he has referred to the statements of the parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, who showed through Twitter all his support for the “young anti-fascists who are asking justice and freedom of expression in the streets “.

In Ayuso’s opinion, “The most serious” At this moment is that in Spain there is a vice president “who is always behind all these violent vandalism movements”, who are organized, as he has continued, at the international level, are “radical” and aim to “eradicate liberal democracies” and lead to society “to tyranny and poverty.”

Ayuso has ironized saying that the “violent” they have found in the vice president of the Government of Spain “the best ally and friend”, who “organizes and conspires with all of them”.

For this reason, he believes that the union of the center-right parties and “Of all parties that defend the unity of Spain, coexistence, peace and freedom.”

Ayuso has added that these “destruction“On public roads are”poignant“, Because” they are not common “in Madrid and because” they go against merchants and humble people “, and he thanked the” immense “work of the cleaning services and the security forces, especially the National Police.

In this, Almeida has agreed, who has insisted that a message of “zero tolerance“In the face of violence, and who has applauded the device designed by the Government Delegation, which” prevented the riots from being much more serious and more violent, “something that was to be expected because the protesters” used urban guerrilla tactics. ”

The also national spokesman of the PP has also pointed out, alluding to Podemos, that “they should not be in the government those who encourage, support, tolerate and support “this type of disturbance, because” they create the breeding ground “for these events to occur.

On the other hand, he has warned that if there are more disturbances like last night “They will act with total firmness”, and it has settled that the bill for the damage “must be paid by those who caused the damage.”

Ayuso and Almeida (PP) have given a walk around the area to see the damage and speak with affected merchants together with the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado (Cs), who has joined them after having made a parallel visit and having previously summoned the media at another point in the square.

Later, Ayuso and Almeida have advanced in the route, in a walk in which they have been criticized by pedestrians who have accused them of setting up a “paripé”, and in which they have posed in a store with the broken moon and the printed phrase ‘My history of Love’.

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