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Ayuso appoints Toni Cantó director of the new Spanish Office



The president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, had not ruled out until this Wednesday to position Toni Cantó in some high position of his Government. But in the end it has given him another responsibility: will head the new Spanish Office, approved this morning by the Governing Council and which will depend on the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports led by Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

Already during the speech during the inauguration as president of the regional government, on June 19, Ayuso showed his intention to “make the Community of Madrid the capital of Spanish in Europe”, an initiative that he has now wanted to materialize with this new organ.

«Among the aims of the Spanish Office are the promotion of the Community of Madrid as the European capital of Spanish, the dialogue with institutions to promote the economic opportunities of Spanish and the active collaboration with entities within the Community of Madrid that They work by the impulse of the Spanish ”, have transferred sources of the Madrid Executive.

«The Spanish language is a cultural, social and economic asset that we share with almost 600 million people around the world and that it has extraordinary potential that the Community of Madrid is going to exploit. The objective is to make Madrid the capital of Spanish in Europe. Achieving it would have great benefits not only in the cultural and academic sphere, but also in the tourism, economic and business sphere, ”these same sources have highlighted.

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The actor, who will now head the Area Directorate of the Spanish Office, left Ciudadanos last March after the failed motion of censure presented in Murcia, after Ayuso urgently called elections in Madrid. After his departure from the orange formation, he criticized the certain decisions taken and attacked the former regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, whom he considered one of those responsible for the breakdown of the Executive. Soon after, Cantó joined the electoral campaign of the Madrid president, assuring that he admired her for having actively defended the interests of workers during the pandemic.

Coral Bistuer

On the other hand, Díaz Ayuso also puts the General Directorate of Sports in charge of the Olympic taekwondo medalist Coral Bistuer. The president has decided to unify the General Directorates of Infrastructures and Programs of Physical Activity and Sport and the General Directorate of Planning, Coordination, Research and Training of Physical Activity and Sport.

This new direction will focus on promoting the practice of physical activity and sport in all its areas, both for the management and improvement of infrastructures, promotion programs and dissemination of the different disciplines, as well as for the training and development of training programs. physical activity, health and sports among the Madrid population from school age.

Likewise, the new Directorate General for Sports will implement programs that promote inclusion and equality as fundamental values ​​through sports practice and the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits, within a framework of collaboration with the different Federations and State entities. and local.

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On the other hand, the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid today also approved in its new structure the appointment of Alfredo Timermans as Deputy Minister of Employment, of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment; and that of Patricia reyes as the new general director of Equality, reporting to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Policy.

Timmermans has a degree in Law from the Complutense University, a profession he has practiced in private companies until 1995 when he was elected councilor of the Madrid City Council. Among other positions of responsibility, he has also held the position of Director General for International Affairs of the Presidency of the Government, Deputy Director of the Cabinet and Secretary of State for Communication. The Vice-Ministry of Employment will work to promote quality employment and that Madrid, as a region, continues to lead the creation of jobs, with the promotion of activity in the sectors of society with the most difficulties to access the labor market.

Reyes, a former national deputy for Citizens, has a degree in Law from the CEU San Pablo University, a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Land Management from the same university and a diploma in Procedural and Criminal Law. She has been a deputy in Congress and third and fourth secretary of the Lower House Board. Specialized in the fight against gender violence, she is now in charge of the General Directorate of Equality of the Community of Madrid with the aim of continuing to advance in the achievement of equality, in co-responsibility and reconciliation of personal life and professional and in the eradication of gender violence.

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In addition, in the new Diaz Ayuso government structure, a vice-ministry, four technical general secretariats and two commissioners disappear, which means, according to the spokesman and counselor for Education, Science and Universities, Enrique Ossorio, “a saving of 1 million euros annual, which does not contemplate what will be saved in the respective cabinets.

The administration is also growing: specifically, with two new general directors -in the Department of Social Policies, which is being reinforced- and with two new area directorates.

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