Tuesday, December 7

Ayuso asks Moreno not to attend to the pressures of Genoa: “I advise you to fly free”

If the congress of the Andalusian PP were a play, the first act would have been written for the Andalusian vice president, Juan Marín, and the second for the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso. On both of them, totally indirect protagonists of the conclave, most of the spotlights on Friday afternoon have been projected because after a new disagreement with the national apparatus of Genova Street, Juanma Moreno I could not contemplate them in the prolific knot of Saturday with the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, nor in the outcome of Sunday with Pablo Casado as the headliner. As expected, the passage of the ‘Ayuso tour’ through Granada did not disappoint. The Madrid president further heated up the current confrontation. Ayuso did not bury the ax of his crusade against Casado and García Egea to control the party in your community. Moreover, he came to make it present using the pressure that Juanma Moreno would be receiving from Genoa to advance the Andalusian elections: “I give you some advice and this is to fly free, JuanmaMake your own decisions because you have always put the interests of citizens before your own, I know that you have always done so and I know that the moment you call elections, the Andalusians will know that you have called them. ”

Díaz Ayuso did not stop at such shots and asked him to ignore those who tell him that he can wear out if he decides to exhaust the legislature until the end of 2022: “Here only those who behave like a puppet wears out, who is not brave and does not have clear ideas; Juanma, you have made history because you have managed to be a real alternative to socialism that put you at the bottom of all the rankings and you are going to make history if socialism definitely goes down in history on this earth “.

In Díaz Ayuso’s opinion, “Andalusia has taken off, is growing and has never had to mess with Madrid“.” This is the example you have given and that is why we are going to compete both communities together and we are going to show that Spain deserves the policies of the Popular Party, “Diaz Ayuso stressed.

The role of star was placed with special emphasis on the figure of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as soon as she made an appearance with other regional presidents. The Madrilenian got one of the biggest applause and the euphoria of the audience was at the height of the shouts of ‘president, president’ that Juanma Moreno received. His arrival in Granada was his second station on the same day in Andalusia, the land that in the eyes of Díaz Ayuso has “the opportunity to send socialism to the trunk of memories”.

In the morning, the number 2 of the PP in the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo, welcomed her to the region in Seville, where she carried out an act of El Independiente. One of the photographs in which they were walking through the center of the city of the Guadalquivir recalled what both the Andalusian PP and Ayuso each have in their own battle against the Genoa apparatus and in their own community. In fact, in the images Bendodo and Ayuso were seen next to the establishment of a chain of taverns called ‘El papelón’.

In the afternoon, the Andalusian president Juanma Moreno played host and introduced Díaz Ayuso as “a brave woman”. “Isabel is working and not precisely with the complicit help of the government of the nation, she suffers in a direct way Pedro Sánchez’s incomprehensible attacks on her liberal policies,” he added.

Díaz Ayuso accepted the challenge that Moreno half-jokingly raised him and said that “if Andalusia surpasses Madrid in economic indicators”, he will be delighted “deeply because Andalusia and Madrid are Spain.” The president of Madrid stated forcefully that “from socialism you get out“, as already pointed out a weekend before in the congress of the PP of Castilla la Mancha, and completed the sentence stating that” Andalusia has the opportunity to send it to the trunk of memories. “Andalusia today is catching up with Madrid and for me it is a source of pride“Madrilenian politics had an impact.

Díaz Ayuso also denounced that “in the country there is no one at the wheel, we have a Prime Minister who goes from communion to communion in Falcon and it does not matter if we are one of the least recognizable countries in the world. “” It does not matter if the farmers and the winners are up or the price of electricity, what they care about is power and destroying Spain together with the independentistas. ” , said the Madrilenian.

Díaz Ayuso participated in a round table of regional presidents in which Juanma Moreno addressed those present with affectionate terms: “Today I am the envy of Spain, because not everyone can boast of presidents of the stature of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Alberto Nunez Feijoo (Galicia), Alfonso Fernandez Manueco (Castilla León), Fernando Lopez Miras (Murcia) and Juan Vivas (Ceuta) “, added the Andalusian president when the afternoon was falling and Granada was closer to being dazzled by that moon that owes so much to the words chained by Federico García Lorca.


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