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Ayuso believes that the crisis of the PP will be solved when the Madrid congress is held




New chapter in the ‘soap opera’ of the internal crisis of the PP, this time in the Day of the constitution and with him Congress of Deputies as a stage. On this occasion, yes, the forms were correct, the gestures concealed the distancing and between the protagonists a kind of tacit agreement became evident to ‘not add more fuel to the fire’, in expression of the Madrid president to the journalists in one of the huddles. Two of the main ‘actors’ of the entire internal mess of the PP were missing: the secretary general of the party, Teodoro Garcia Egea, and the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

Pablo Casado entered the courtyard of Congress accompanied by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the spokespersons of Congress and the Senate,

Cuca gamarra and Javier Maroto, and the Vice Secretary for Communication, Pablo Montesinos. Before, three other barons had already arrived: Fernando López Miras, Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Alfonso Fernández Manueco. The only one absent from the Carrera de San Jerónimo was the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, for a family matter. Ayuso had the ‘privilege’ of having a special reception from Vox and Ciudadanos. “Welcome to Congress, President,” he said. Macarena Olona upon seeing her in the patio of Floridablanca. Ines Arrimadas and Edmundo bal They were the next to greet Ayuso in a close and affectionate way.

Before speaking to the bus located in the courtyard of the Congress, the journalists asked Ayuso if he was concerned about the
drop in PP in polls
, something that could be attributed to the internal fights of the party in the last months. The Madrid president commented that she did not know exactly the reasons for this decline, but pointed out that it cannot be attributed solely to internal issues. Ayuso stressed that, in any case, the problems within the PP will end when everything is resolved. “How will it be resolved?” Asked the journalists. “With the celebration of the congress in Madrid,” he declared. There will be, in his opinion, the end of the fights, with his eventual election as president of the PP in his region. Ayuso insisted on that idea before the television cameras and in another group afterwards. First he warned that it would be “good” for the PP to turn the page on these internal issues. And then he assured that the congress should have been held last March, and that is why he believes that it should be convened “as soon as possible.” In addition, he affirmed that the holding of the congress does not have to depend on the electoral calendar, because then it would never be called.

In any case, the president recognized that anything she said was going to be misinterpreted and preferred not to continue down that path. Before leaving, he was asked how his relationship with the general secretary was going: “He hasn’t come today, has he?” The regional president pointed out that on December 17 she will travel to the Basque Country to participate in the Christmas dinner of the Alava PP. Meanwhile, that of the PP in Madrid is still in the air as a precautionary measure for the Covid. “I go where they invite me,” said Ayuso, given the probable cancellation of the popular Christmas party in Madrid.

The protocol

The rules of protocol sat Ayuso next to Casado in front of the steps of Congress, to listen to the speech of the president of the Cortes. They both greeted each other warmly and talked after a few moments, a talk that was immediately joined by other barons such as Mañueco or López Miras, in a clearly relaxed atmosphere. Deeper, at least in appearance, was the conversation that Married had with the president of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos lesmes, right after Batet’s speech.

Casado took advantage of the fact that the journalists formed a group around the president of the Community of Madrid, once the institutional act was over, to go to his office in Congress. In the afternoon he traveled to Buenos Aires to start his Ibero-American tour, and he chose not to hold any informal talk with the press, given the foreseeable questions about the internal situation of the PP.

He did make ‘open’ remarks before Batet’s official speech. There he referred to the decline of the PP in the polls, something that he minimized: «We are at the head of voting intention. We are the only urgent and necessary alternative for the Spanish and change is already unstoppable. And it will be seen as soon as Sánchez calls elections ».

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