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Ayuso creates a new department for Toni Cantó: the Spanish Office

Isabel Díaz Ayuso talks with Toni Cantó.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso talks with Toni Cantó.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has located at the head of the Spanish Office, a new department dependent on the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, to the exporter of Citizens in Valencia, Toni Cantó.

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid chaired by the Madrid leader has approved its new structure this Wednesday, according to sources from the Madrid Executive.

“The Spanish language is a cultural, social and economic asset that we share with almost 600 million people around the world and that has extraordinary potential that the Community of Madrid is going to exploit. The objective is to make Madrid the capital of Spanish in Europe. Achieving it would have great benefits not only in the cultural and academic sphere, but also in the tourist, economic and business areas “, these same sources have highlighted.

Among the purposes of the Spanish Office are “the promotion of the Community of Madrid as the European capital of Spanish, dialogue with institutions to promote the economic opportunities of Spanish and active collaboration with entities within the Community of Madrid that work to promote Spanish “.

Synergies will also be sought with international cultural entities to carry out actions to enhance the value of Spanish, and reports and meetings will be managed to promote debate about the potential of Spanish, locating the meeting of experts and opinion leaders in the Community of Madrid. .

Support since March

He sang left in the middle of March Citizens, in the Executive Committee of the party called urgently after the failed motion of censure presented in Murcia and the call for elections in Madrid.

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Upon his departure, in statements to the media, the former ‘orange’ leader harshly criticized the decisions taken, bet that his formation and the PP would attend the Madrid elections together and attacked the former regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado, whom he considered one of the responsible for the breakdown of the Executive.

Days later Cantó already began to campaign actively for the Madrid president. He assured in numerous television interviews that he had admired her for a long time and that they were the one who best defended the interests of the workers.

Ayuso and the exporter of Citizens in Valencia, who already knew each other before and had come to eat together with the Minister of Culture, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, met in Puerta del Sol in mid-March to discuss their possible inclusion in the electoral list.

That same day from the National Directorate of the PP it was communicated to the media that it would be included, which did not sit well with the regional president. Ayuso publicly acknowledged that since ‘Genoa’ they had imposed “the times” when announcing this new signing and indicated that she “would have done it differently.”

Cantó’s candidacy did not materialize because it was overthrown by the Constitutional Court and is that after the complaints of the opposition it was learned that he was not registered in the Community of Madrid at the time of the closing of the census, an essential requirement established by the electoral law of the region.

Despite this, the former Citizen deputy went to work for the candidacy hand in hand with the PP and attended numerous acts of the electoral campaign, where you could see the good harmony that both had. “Whatever happens, you will always be one of us,” Ayuso transferred to him.

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