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Ayuso creates the Spanish Office to place Toni Cantó in the Government of the Community of Madrid | Madrid

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has appointed Toni Cantó, former deputy of UPyD and Citizens, director of the Spanish Office area, a newly created body with which the Community of Madrid intends to turn the region into the language capital of Europe. The regional president thus finds a destination for a politician who accompanied her in the 4-M campaign, and who was left out of the Madrid Assembly when the Constitutional Court expelled him from the electoral list, since he did not meet the registration requirements. It remains to be seen what Vox, the only possible partner of the PP, to which he constantly demands austerity, thinks that this new department has been created.

“The Community of Madrid is the fifth that invests the least in culture per inhabitant”, has reacted Mónica García, from Más Madrid. “But with this budget, Ayuso has been able to make a beach bar for Toni Cantó.”

“They have created a beach bar to this at the expense of the pockets of Madrid ”, lamented Hana Jalloul, the PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly.

“Ayuso doesn’t even bother to hide it anymore,” criticized Carolina Alonso, from United We Can. “He shows us once again that he uses institutions for his personal career and not to solve the problems of the majority: instead of hiring more health workers, guaranteeing that primary care centers are opened or giving aid to the culture sector, he gives him a gift chiringuito a Cantó ”.

The cataract of criticism from the left has provoked the reaction of the president of the Community of Madrid, who on her social networks has written: “I see on the left of the 23 ministries, of the pro-independence embassies, the historical electricity prices or the Falcon, scandalized by an office promoting industry and the economic and cultural potential of SPANISH, in a government that goes from 13 to 9 councils ”.

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Distinguished for calling for the closure of organizations that he considered superfluous during his stage in Valencian regional politics, the ex-actor will now head an Office designed by Díaz Ayuso tailored to both of them: he will allow Cantó to collect more than 70,000 euros predictably and will make a project to which The president had been going around for a long time, without having finished taking shape. The decision contrasts with the announced intention to cut the cost of the Administration, which will result in the elimination of four technical secretariats, a vice-council and two commissioners (the animal welfare, as advanced by EL PAÍS, and the revitalization of rural municipalities) to save a million euros a year. Before, Díaz Ayuso already announced the elimination of four ministries.

After passing with Cs through the Congress and the Valencian Courts, Cantó will depend organically in his new destiny on another policy from Ciudadanos, the Minister of Culture, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, who withdrew from this party before joining again in the Government of Díaz Ayuso. It is not the only signing of Díaz Ayuso with a past in the party of Inés Arrimadas: Patricia Reyes, who was a deputy at the time of Albert Rivera, will be the new general director of Equality.

In addition, Díaz Ayuso has placed the Olympic taekwondo medalist Coral Bistuer at the head of the General Directorate of Sports and has appointed Alfredo Timermans as Deputy Minister of Employment.

Cantó’s landing at the Real Casa de Correos puts point and followed an episode that has shown discrepancies of substance and form between the teams of Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Casado.

It was the national leadership of the PP who signed Cantó for the electoral list of Díaz Ayuso, who did not approve that the arrival of the exactor be announced unilaterally, without his knowledge, and when she wanted to privilege that it be known who was going to be his number two, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, the Minister of Health. The clash was so notorious that since then the two leaders of the PP, Díaz Ayuso and Casado, have made an effort to underline their complicity, even with former president José María Aznar as master of ceremonies.

Among the purposes of the Spanish Office are the promotion of the Community of Madrid as the European capital of Spanish, dialogue with institutions to promote economic opportunities in Spanish and active collaboration with entities within the Community of Madrid that work for the impulse of Spanish. Nothing has been explained on how to prevent their tasks from colliding or duplicating those of the Instituto Cervantes.

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