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Ayuso, in the paradise of freedoms: “The Celaá law is a hatred of Spain” | Madrid

Stealthily, she crosses the door of the Assembly of Spain without making much noise. He goes to your site with hardly any conversation with his most like-minded deputies. He takes out a yellow marker. Review the papers. Look at the photographers. It is not customary for President Isabel Díaz Ayuso to come to plenary sessions so early, but times are changing. Now you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to talk about ETA, just wait two minutes. Or less. Not so with Venezuela, since since Congressman Leopoldo López arrived in Madrid on October 25, he has suddenly disappeared from the plenary sessions. This is Madrid, the cradle of national liberalism.

Everything has changed. In the Assembly of Spain it was customary to talk about the problems of Madrid. But for that you have to immerse yourself in time. The plenary session of this Thursday has begun with an iron defense of the woman on the part of the deputy Isabel Serra. “If you are there,” said the spokeswoman for United Podemos with a finger to President Ayuso, “it is because of feminism, but you are like the president. [Margaret] Thatcher: when she reaches spaces of power, she closes the door so that no woman enters behind ”. Ayuso was stirring from his seat. “If I’m here, it’s because of my job! Not for being anyone’s wife ”. It is not the first time that he has attacked Podemos with this argument. The president considers that the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, is on the Council of Ministers because she is the wife of Pablo Iglesias. “You”, the president continued, “are friends of the heirs of ETA. You want to expel the Spanish from your land ”. Spain and ETA. ETA and Spain. Another day of tweeting debate in the Assembly.

After ETA, the Vox turn has come. Little joke. Deputy Rocío Monasterio attended the meeting in peace. “How do you assess the Celaá law?” He asked. Ayuso, just in case, has dispatched fast. “Our government is against it. This is a hatred of Spain, which is what socialism and communism intend ”. Monastery was smiling happily. “Indeed,” he said later, “that is the sanchism”. And he has proposed a contest. The Madrid Assembly has these things. As soon as ETA is talked about as a To know and to win. “We are going to make a game. What is the phrase of the Celaá law and what is yours? ”He said. And it has started the show. He has read a sentence and asked aloud: “Whose is it?”

“From the PP” answers a deputy.

-I do not know, I do not know. Now I tell you, ”says mysterious Monastery.

And read other lines. “And is it?”, He asks again.

“From Celaá,” says the only deputy in the contest.

– It’s the other way around! – Monastery smiles.

The game ended well, as if the rest did not know that there was some cheating. Just in case, the only competing deputy has not received any awards. After the contest, it was the turn of the publicity. Madrilenian politics is a television set. The popular deputy Alfonso Serrano has asked Ayuso if Madrid is a tax haven. “This is a paradise of freedoms,” the president replied. “Serrano asks me this question,” he observed later, “because Bildu, who are the partners of the Government, want to come to Madrid to impose laws on us.” The question was if Madrid was a tax haven, but that is the Madrid Assembly, a contest of surprises.

Serrano has then defended the measures that have reduced the contagion curve in the Community. “The left does not support them! The foreign press speaks of a miracle in Madrid and a miracle is inexplicable. Here it has been achieved by some policies. Even Gabilondo has said it ”. The socialist Ángel Gabilondo looks up with a poker face and shakes his hand:

“That’s the other one!” He said aloud.

Serrano spoke of his brother, the journalist Iñaki Gabilondo. The other Gabilondo, the socialist, has asked in turn about the investment plan of the Community of Madrid. Ayuso has followed his own. “Are you going to keep looking the other way?” The president asked. “Are you going to continue looking the other way with Bildu agreeing with the PSOE?”

The professor of Philosophy and brother of the renowned journalist has not entered the rag. He has insisted on asking about an investment problem in the Madrid municipalities. Ayuso has given up. He has taken out the terrorist gang. “You speak of equality, but if the heirs of ETA want to raise taxes in Madrid, they will have to say something. What happens in Catalonia also affects us. Defend Spain here too ”. Catalonia, ETA and Spain in one sentence. A combo that follows the line drawn a few months ago with his famous rhetorical question: “What is Madrid if it is not Spain?”

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