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Aznar believes that the PP needs a “very clear and identifiable” project that is a magnet in the center-right




Twenty-five years after winning the general election for the first time, Jose Maria Aznar He explained that his essential concern today is to ensure that democracy and the economy are free from populism to the right and to the left. In an academic act of the Leadership Classroom of the Atlantic Institute of Government and the Francisco de Vitoria University, Aznar took the victory of 96 as a reference, and insisted that if the center right it is not united, it will not win the elections. Speaking of the PP, he stressed that he needs a very clear, identifiable project that serves as a magnet for all center-right voters.

Aznar has confessed that He has two cards, one from the PP and the other from Real Madrid, and both are in a “clearly improvable” moment. He referred to the move from Genoa and stressed: “I do not make a move a political category.” What you have asked is that the move be done well.

Aznar has maintained a dialogue with journalists Manuel Marin, Maite Rico, Jorge Bustos Y Carlos Sanchez, conducted by Angie Rigueiro, in an academic session on ‘Spain, Constitution, Freedom. 1996-2004 ‘.

“I try to be a good Spaniard and a good liberal,” said Aznar, who in doing balance of that time, with successes and errors, has affirmed: «As a general balance, they were years of a very important leap forward for Spain, both from the point of view of economic and social progress and of influence and presence of Spain in the world, with its ups and downs.

Common objectives

“There is a possible and desirable Spain, which is better than the one we have,” explained the former president. “It will be very difficult for us to build it if there are no common goals.” Aznar believes that common objectives have been lost to have exclusion policies. In his opinion, it is an important difference from his time in office.

Aznar believes that in his eight years of government there was a change in the social majority, which did not have the left, and from there it is reactedto prevent the center-right from staying in power for two decades.

«The Spanish left digest the absolute majority of the year 2000 very badly. When I say very bad I say very bad. In his vision, what should happen in Spain from 96 was a brief period (of the PP in power), and that it would return to normality in a year or a year and a half, which was a left-wing government with nationalist support and when that doesn’t happen, some don’t digest it well at all. What happened was that “the Spanish social majority had changed.” This analysis was decisive, as he has pointed out, for the change in attitudes of the left.

From there, he warned: «The center-right in Spain if it wants to win the elections it has to be united, and if it is not united, it is basically not going to win the elections. It is a rule that is very simple to enunciate but more complicated to implement. It is not true that the social majority is condemned to be from the center-left». The former president believes that the center-right has to look for elements of definition, because societies have changed a lot.

According to Aznar, the center-right has to raise politics from the center-right and turn its main party into a magnet, which attracts voters from the other center-right parties.

«If you say clearly what you have to do and what you are going to do, there would be a majority of Spaniards who would understand. But you have to say it and start sowing every day »

Without wanting to send advice to the PP and Pablo Casado, Aznar has made this reflection on the situation of his party: «If you say clearly what you have to do and what you are going to do, today, even with all the difficulties of communication Thus, there would be a majority of Spaniards who would understand it. But you have to say it, and start sowing every day, with an identifiable project, open to others, from moderation ». «You have to propose a very clear project and if you do it in the end the solution is for the Spanish ».

Aznar believes that it is not a question of making opposition hard or soft, but rather “a question of success and usefulness.” He used the Madrid model as an example, which “is the model of freedom and everyone understands it.”

Nationalisms have also been discussed in the colloquium. On this point, Aznar has assured that for any intelligent separatist nationalist, “which are not abundant, but there are”, his great frustration is that Catalonia was not Castile. And that is hopeless. «You can sell the mythology you want, but Catalonia was not Castile and it never will be.».

Aznar remembers that when he proposed to Pujol to enter his government with an absolute majority, what he was trying to do was that the nationalism that was part of the Constitution would not leave. And he asked him if he was going to respect the agreements of the Transition, and his answer was a “no”.

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