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Baby dies allegedly from eating Takis Fuego

One of the recommendations that pediatricians always give parents, whether they are new or not, is that it is essential that during the first months of life your babies are fed, if possible, only with breast milk, and in case this cannot be, they recommend formula milks, depending on the physical and health characteristics of each child.

Also another recommendation about feeding babies is to start with porridge of certain fruits and vegetables at 6 months of age, and little by little some ingredients such as meats and cereals will be integrated to these in order to get children to eat a wide variety of foods when they reach their first year.

Unfortunately, there are many adults who are careless when it comes to feeding babies, either due to lack of information or old habits, which can even put the lives of the little ones at risk.

That was what apparently happened with a 4 to 6 month old baby whose story was told by a TikTok user and whose video went viral, thus exceeding one million reproductions.

The woman who identifies herself as @klaudycia_lavod He narrated in his video that his partner, who is a doctor, He told him that when he was doing his internship, A very desperate family arrived at the hospital because their baby was in very bad condition.

By doing various tests, the doctors discovered that the baby had a very swollen stomach, So they questioned the mother to find out exactly what could have caused this problem.

Mom indicated that he only fed his son breast milk and a little formula what the pediatrician recommended; however, there were days when she left her baby in the care of her mother, that is to say the child’s grandmother, who confessed that she had given her grandson a Takis Fuego to try because he “wanted to.”

The TikTok user ended the story by stating that sadly, the baby spent a week in intensive care, intubated and with no possibility of undergoing surgery to cure it, which caused the child to die.

The worst of all, according to this woman, is that the doctors who treated the baby reported the case to the corresponding authorities, but they did not give the necessary follow-up.

Some side effects of eating Takis Fuego

According to data from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office of Mexico, Takis Fuego, in addition to being a product high in calories, saturated fat, sodium, colorants and additives (such as TBHQ), contain monosodium glutamate that causes alteration in satiety thresholds and promotes excessive consumption, as well as synthetic dyes associated with allergic reactions.

Similarly, it is indicated that a 62 gram bag of this product contains 977 milligrams of sodium per serving, which covers 65.13% of the total recommended sodium for a child (1,500 mg) and 48.8% of the recommendation for an adult (2,000 mg) of the maximum sodium recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Consuming excess salt produces a greater blood volume, causing wear on the walls of the arteries and on the cardiovascular system, which can cause high blood pressure

In addition, it was shown in animal studies that the TBHQ additive used to extend the shelf life of the product and prevent rancidity, caused cases of tumors, liver hypertrophy, neurotoxic effects, seizures and paralysis. In humans, cases of visual disturbances have been reported.

In the case of its dyes, allura red AC (red 40) has been associated with the appearance of tumors. While sunset yellow can cause intolerance in people who are hypersensitive to aspirin, in addition to being histamine releasers it can intensify asthma symptoms.

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