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Back to school in Badajoz 25 years later

Meeting of former students of the Sagrada Familia. / TODAY

Natalia Reigadas

October is ending, Halloween is approaching and some people from Badajoz have had to face the fear of seeing their classmates again decades later. Although everything indicates that the experience has been good. In addition to reunions, these days in Badajoz he has experienced conferences, exhibitions, theater and even the visit of an emerging star.

The reunions have been in two schools, the Sagrada Familia school (Josefinas) and Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Los Maristas). Both have celebrated the reunion of their students 40 and 25 years after graduating.

In the case of Las Josefinas, more than 50 former students from the class of 80 gathered. The meeting began at 12 noon with a mass in the chapel of the educational center, then they visited what had been their school for many years and later enjoyed a meal at the Hotel Río, which was followed by a lively party. During the celebration there were different elements related to passing through the school, such as uniforms or photos of the file files of the first years in the educational center. Along with the former students, five of the teachers who accompanied them during their learning process in the school stage were present.

Likewise, Los Maristas celebrated their 25th anniversary (pending from 2021 due to the pandemic) the class of 1996 in an event organized by Ademar (Association of Marist Former Students of Badajoz). It was an endearing day full of reunions and memories.

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Another student, although still in school, has experienced a special moment these days. Luna Contador, who participated in the program La Voz Kids, was received by the mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gragera, who wished the child star luck.

new books

This week has also been a great time to get a new book to accompany readers this fall. Several texts have been presented in the city. The Tusitala Bookstore, for example, has taken two presentations of texts. This Thursday, Víspera de la luz, the latest collection of poems by Sandra Benito Fernández, was released. The author spoke with the literary critic Enrique García Fuentes. Yesterday, in addition, this same space was used for the presentation of the new book by Luis Roso, The Crime of Malladas. The act featured the writer and lawyer Anabel Rodríguez.

In addition, the Official College of Pharmacists of Badajoz was the venue chosen for the launch of ‘Extremadura, identity, cohesion and development’ edited by the Senior Club of Extremadura. This text is sponsored by the CB Foundation and the presentation was given by Cecilio J. Venegas and José Julián Bartiga.

The president of the College of Pharmacists, Cecilio Venegas, also had the responsibility this week to present the commemorative conference of the First Around the World dictated by Marine Corps Colonel José Cánovas García.

Another talk took place this Thursday at the headquarters of the College of Architects in Badajoz. The cycle of COADE-ETSAS conferences began there. It was opened by talks by Ramón Pico Valimañana, director of the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Seville, and Javier López Rivera, deputy director of Culture at ETSAS, both founders of Estudio Acta.

Another good opportunity these days is to visit Gustavo Pozuelo’s exhibition in the Virgen de la Soledad 22 building. He exhibits a sample of drawings about the heroes of his childhood by Fundación CB.

These days, in addition, the Badajoz International Theater Festival continues. Yesterday was one of the main dishes, ‘Falamos?’, by the María Lama company and the exhibition will continue until October 27 with works such as ‘The walk of the elephants’ or ‘Petróleo’.

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