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Bad Bunny sues beer brand for illegal use of its image

Bad Bunny.

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Bad Bunny sued the South Florida brewery “Unbranded Brewing Company” for alleged “unfair competition” and “misleading advertising” on cans of beer marketed under the name “San Benito” and various commercial promotional items.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, the urban artist’s first name, and Rimas Entertainment, the company behind him, accused the aforementioned brand based in Hialeah (a city near Miami), of making “unauthorized use of the name and image” of the singer.

The indictment states that “Unbranded Brewery Company” has produced, sold and advertised one of its “seasonal beers” under the name of “San Benito beer”, thus using its real name and trademark “San Benito”.

In the lawsuit, to which Efe had access, it is indicated that, in addition to the artistic name of Bad Bunny, the famous singer “uses the trademark San Benito to provide producer services” and that in August 2020 he requested his registration in the US Patent and Trademark Office

It adds that Rimas Entertainment is a Florida corporation dedicated to the music production and publishing business, and that “the plaintiff enjoys the exclusive right” to enter into endorsement deals on behalf of Ocasio and “exploit his name, image and trademarks.”

It stands out that the artist has 35.8 million followers, only on Instagram, and that his debut album “X 100PRE”, from 2018, was awarded a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Music Album, in addition to being considered last September by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

The beer can design portrays a man who looks like Ocasio surrounded by images “well known to the Ocasio fan base as closely associated with Ocasio,” including a bunny and the symbol of a “third eye.”

For the artist and his corporation, the cans with the “San Benito” logo clearly use the name, trademark and image of the Puerto Rican, in addition to the fact that the brewery “has produced and sold stickers and T-shirts with the same graphic image.” to promote the sale of this beer, according to the lawsuit filed in a court in the Southern District of Florida.

On the other hand, after the action of Bad Bunny, the founder of the brewery, Zachary Swanson, acknowledged that the image of the beer can looks like Ocasio and said that sales stopped until a new design can be developed.

However, he warned that he will confront the artist by name, since he has not registered “San Benito” as a trademark associated with the sale of alcoholic beverages.

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