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Bad times for open football: LaLiga has not received offers to broadcast matches outside of Movistar and DAZN

The first months of the year served to outline how football matches would be seen in Spain during the next five years, a battle that Movistar won once again, with something for DAZN. Once the main thing was resolved, it remained for this quarter to reach an agreement for open football, the one that brings together lots 4, 5 and 6 that LaLiga auctions and that include different contents for be able to issue them openlywithout being restricted to paid decoders or online platforms under registration and subscription.

However, nobody has made offers for the lots, or only some have been made below the reserve price that LaLiga had set. A symptom of the concentration of interest in the matches of the main teams: LaLiga has managed to increase the proceeds from the rights to the bulk of the matches to almost 1,000 million euros per season. Open football, on the other hand, is deserted for the moment.

Only one lot received offers

The lot 4, a LaLiga Santander match live, with an asterisk the size of the Santiago Bernabéu: may not include any team that is playing a European competition in that season, or Real Madrid, Barça, Valencia or Atlético de Madrid, regardless of whether or not they play in Europe in that season, in the case of the team hey. It was offered for four million euros, according to

This nuance, in the next 2022/2023 season, means that matches played by Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético, Sevilla, Betis, Real Sociedad, Villarreal or Valencia cannot be broadcast openly. Eight of the first ten classified, which group together many more potential spectators than the rest of the clubs.

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Classification of LaLiga Santander 2021/2022, with the names of the clubs whose matches could not be broadcast openly, crossed out. It would also be necessary to exchange the last three classified for those who rise from LaLiga SmartBank.

The Lot 5 is the one that includes a LaLiga SmartBank match (second division) whose reserve price was one million euros. By last, lot 6, which includes the summaries of the matches of both championships, for ten million euros. Only for this last batch were offers received, but none reached the ten million that LaLiga intended to obtain. The term ended at midnight from May 24 to 25 (page 37).

Faced with this situation, the entity has opted for conduct a second round of marketing, one of the possibilities contemplated by the procedure of not obtaining bids for some lots. Another possibility would have been to repeat the bid, but with the broadcast rights no longer exclusive; as well as accepting the highest bid received, even if it did not reach the reserve price, in the case of lot 6. In all cases, it has been decided to repeat the round in the same way.

The case of lot 4 is perhaps the most attractive because it deals with complete matches of the first division, but completely excluding from the broadcasts the teams from the three largest cities in Spain, in addition to those who play in Europe, which this season will also include the two from Seville, the fourth; It leaves it with less chance of being profitable in favor of football broadcast by an operator, in the case of Movistar, which does have all the matches of these clubs insured.

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In any case, these are bad times for free-to-air football, and if anything was left of it, it was through the matches that Gol broadcast until this season, and for the time being no one wants to be sure of the prices that are being requested for them. We’ll see in the second round.

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