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Badajoz, four steps away from completing a feat

Clemente, Núñez, Zelu, Pascual and Gallego celebrate Badajoz’s victory against Bilbao Athletic. / CASIMIRO MORENO


The black and white team returns to playoff positions seven months later and takes command to face a league final of strong emotions


Badajoz is four games away from completing a real feat. With the owner in prison and all the uncertainty that surrounds the institutional situation of the club, it is almost a miracle that the team from Badajoz has placed in playoff positions. “Achieving something like this is something unthinkable, what we are doing is a feat”, stressed Isaac Jové as soon as he savored the victory against Bilbao Athletic. It had been seven months since Badajoz left the noble zone. The last time the black and white were in the top five was on October 10, 2021. Then they won in Ferrol (0-1) and were third. In those first seven days of the course, Badajoz had always been in the places of privilege. But after losing at the Nuevo Vivero the following week against Racing de Santander, who this Sunday certified their promotion to Segunda, they would fall to seventh position and from there they lost ground in the playoffs.

The group from Badajoz has staged an epic comeback while the squad continued to cross out days on their calendar without being paid. In February, they came within 8 points of fifth place, a position that they managed to capture this day and also take two points from sixth place, UD Logroñés. “I have always said that there are great footballers and a great team and they can be in the playoffs if they believe it”, pointed out the black and white coach.

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Now from that vantage point he glimpses the last four exciting days and with the license to dream. There are 12 points left at stake and the fight for the playoff is at hand. With Racing already promoted and Deportivo and Racing de Ferrol practically unattainable, the other two playoff places are disputed by up to seven teams.

THE FIGHT FOR THE PLAYOFFCelta B 4th, 56 pointsBadajoz 5th, 55 pointsUD Logroñés 6th, 53 pointsUnionistas 7th, 52 pointsReal Unión 8th, 51 pointsRayo Majadahonda 9th, 50 points

The end of the league is exciting and full of strong emotions. The black and white close the regular season facing three direct rivals: Celta B, UD Logroñés and Rayo Majadahonda. If he wins they will be a playoff team. Even if he loses this Saturday in Valladolid. The sky-blue subsidiary is one point higher and after Cultural and Badajoz they would have to host Racing de Ferrol and visit SD Logroñés. The Riojan team is two from below and they have to measure Zamora, SDL in the derby, Badajoz and Cultural. The Unionistas calendar is demanding with duels against Ferrol, Sanse, Calahorra and Depor. Real Unión is 4 points behind the people from Badajoz and faces rivals who are playing for permanence, but on the penultimate matchday they have 3 from Extremadura. Rayo Majadahonda drops to 5 points. Even Calahorra has options, although their 6-point disadvantage forces them to play full and let everyone puncture.

Celta B-Cultural Badajoz-Celta B Celta B-Ferrol SD Logroñés-Celta B

Valladolid B-Badajoz Badajoz-Celta B UD Logroñés-Badajoz Badajoz-Rayo Majadahonda

UDL-Zamora SD Logroñés-UDL UD Logroñés-Badajoz Cultural-UD Logroñés

Unionists-Ferrol Sanse-Unionists Unionists-Calahorra Deportivo-Unionists

DUX-Royal Union Royal Union-Talavera Extremadura-Royal Union Royal Union-Tudelano

Majadahonda-Sanse Calahorra-Rayo M. Majadahonda-Zamora Badajoz-Rayo Majadahonda

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