Sunday, December 4

Badajoz looks forward to the playoff

Badajoz players congratulate Zelu for his goal that gave the victory against Unionistas. / ARNELAS JV


The black and white team enters its quietest week while waiting for results to prepare the final blow


The playoff is a little closer. To four points. The New Nursery has faith. He believes it. The fans again fired the team shouting “yes we can” as they did against Deportivo in a conspiracy that recalls the comeback two seasons ago in a spectacular final stretch. The illusion is palpable in the atmosphere and the dressing room also hopes to make it possible. “We are involved in a situation that can be a reward for all the effort of the season. But neither is it necessary to put a focus of anxiety on the footballers. You have to work each game and then see what is happening. Hopefully we can get it. We are ambitious, ”said Isaac Jové after the victory against Unionistas.

The black and white coach considered it a double victory due to the peculiarity of having the extra ball from Extremadura next weekend. “It was a 6-point game,” he maintained. In that sense, he does not believe that the break will cut off any dynamics for the team after their important victory and he appreciates this break in the schedule to oxygenate the players. «Three points and rest. The dynamic is the same. I prefer not to play and have the three points. Mentally it can come in handy, for sure.” Badajoz will come out as the great winner of the next day where the nine involved in the fight for the three places left by Racing and Deportivo face each other. The team from Badajoz will not play, but Jové will not alter the normal rhythm of his team’s work. “The first thing is to detect the physical state of the footballer. Keep working hard in all aspects and not lose tension. It’s not a week of vacation, it’s another week of work. Not much is going to change,” he explained.

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Despite the fact that the six points this week can put Badajoz in a good position to take the claw towards the promotion phase, Jové remains faithful to his moderate speech, without throwing bells on the fly. “According to the results and the circumstances we will see what situation we are in and what we can be fighting for.”

Jové admits that they have taken an important step to get hooked on the playoff, but he keeps his feet on the ground and appeals to the weekly work. «Getting excited no. I tell them that you don’t have to think about the playoff, think about this game. It was important to win », he specified while assessing what the players had achieved in a season full of adversity. “It is an award that they have won and perhaps no one expected to be there right now. It’s their credit.” At that point of touching the playoff, he put into context all the vicissitudes that he is having to endure in the locker room. “The demand is maximum and everyone is excited, but let’s not forget that the situation is the same and the players continue to suffer. Everything is up in the air and they never lost their professionalism », he remarked. And he definitively turned the page on last week’s disappointing match against Calahorra. «For a game you can not point to anyone and less to them with everything they have been enduring. For me, all footballers have always been at a very high level of demand.”

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Isaac Jové also highlighted the role of the stands when it comes to making a common front to achieve the objectives. «The fans have been splendid today and the union from the beginning has been magnificent. That helps a lot and pushes the team. It’s very important, the team needs it.”

Regarding his personal situation of not being able to sit on the bench, he admits that it irritates him more and more and he assumes it with impotence. “I’m still just as burned and angry. I had a very bad time upstairs ».

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