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Badajoz: The playoff as an escape route

Dani Aquino can return to the starting lineup against Celta B. / ADG AVERAGE


The defeat of UD Logroñés puts fifth place on a plate for a Badajoz that clings to its chances of fighting for promotion to abstract itself from the club’s problems

Javier Perez

Badajoz wants to stay alive until the end and everything happens to win Celta B this afternoon at the Nuevo Vivero. The playoff is what keeps the black and white team on its feet, enduring all kinds of obstacles and calamities that have to do with institutional instability. And he clings to that goal as an escape route in the face of so much misfortune to end the season in the best possible way. The defeat of UD Logroñés in the Las Gaunas derby (3-2) puts the playoff once again within sight of a victory for the people from Badajoz. Whatever happens, Badajoz will arrive with options for the last two days and will continue to depend on itself. Although the victories of Rayo Majadahonda, Unionistas and Real Unión tighten everything a little more.

After several weeks of turbulence and attacks in both directions, it seems that the waters are calming down again when the April payments to the entire campus are regularized. “That situation was ugly. That feeling that one has earned and another has not liked anyone. That had to be fixed », he commented. Now the only thought of the locker room from Badajoz is Celta B. “This week I have seen them very involved and concentrated,” Isaac Jové pointed out in the preview on Friday. The technician recognized that all that noise of sabers was not the ideal one to face the appointment of Valladolid. “Emotionally everything that was happening took its toll on them,” he admitted. A psychological wear that is undermining a squad that is already at the limit of its endurance capacity in this final stretch. In that sense, Jové highlighted that the defeat still hurts. “It was a game that hurt us losing it. For me they were three vital points that in normal conditions you should not lose.

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Badajoz tries to turn the page and put all their senses into a Celta B team that, if they win at the Nuevo Vivero, will seal their presence in the promotion phase. It’s another ending. No margin of error. The team from Badajoz continues to depend on itself and thus intends to reach the last day. The tension has eased, but now the decline comes in sports with Dani Fernández and Otegui out due to injury and Jesús Clemente, Zelu and Adri Cuevas due to suspension. At least, recover Isi Gómez to receive the team with the highest scorer in the group. “Enough have been accumulated, but the situation comes as it comes and you have to fight it like this,” Jové assumed. In this way, Dani Aquino and Adilson are emerging as starters. Isaac Jové asks for one last effort in search of a prize that they caress with their hands. “His future is at stake and for the team the important illusion of fighting for the playoffs.” The black and white coach insisted again in his speech on his arrival at the New Nursery on the possibility of improving the service record. «The future of a footballer is his performance. You will have more possibilities if you achieve sporting merits », he explained. Jové highlighted the importance of being able to put an end to “the feeling that it is not a wasted year”. Hence, he underlined being able to say at the end of the season that “within such a fucked up and hard year, we got into the playoffs.”

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    Gonzalo Crettaz; Aitor Pascual, Pardo, Gorka Pérez, Josema Gallego; Adislon, Miguel Núñez, Isi Gómez, David Concha; Dani Aquino and Gorka Santamaria.

    Gaizka Campos; Javi Castro, Álex Martín, Carlos Domínguez, Diego Pampín: Àlex Carbonell, Jordan Holsgrove, Alfon, Íker Losada; Miguel Rodriguez and Fabrício.

    Tarraga Lajara (Valencian).

    New Nursery, 12.00 (Footters).

As for Celta B, Isaac Jové highlighted their offensive potential. “He has a great dynamic. It is a very difficult team to win, with young people and a lot of individual ability. They make a difference, it is the team with the best scoring average », he warned.

The defeat of UD Logroñés puts the playoff within reach again. But the victory of Rayo Majadahonda in Calahorra puts even more pressure on Badajoz by provisionally placing themselves ahead with one more point. Unionistas also won on Friday and are equal to 55 points. And this Saturday Real Union did it, which is one point away.

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