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Badajoz, without the ‘killer’ and without the Kaiser

José Pardo is hugged by his teammates after scoring a goal against Talavera. / JV Arnelas

First RFEF

Gorka Santamaría and Pardo miss the match against DUX due to suspension in a squad that is not being heavily punished due to casualties in the second round

Manuel Garcia

This second round is not being very fateful in terms of casualties for Badajoz, but each one of them forces them to juggle to rebuild the team. The group from Badajoz seems to have left behind the crossroads of the first section of the course, in which they accumulated a string of setbacks, especially due to physical problems, with special mention for the injuries of Adilson and Dani Aquino. Not in vain, the Murcian forced to reappear against Tudelano in December and the Portuguese returned in January.

With the new year, there have been hardly any noteworthy absences and none of long duration. Zelu was left out of the squad against Racing de Santander and against Ferrol, the latter duel against the Galicians in which neither Dani Aquino nor Gorka Pérez were present. Some inconvenience deprived David Concha and Isi Gómez of playing the duel at home against Valladolid Promesas and the player from Madrid also missed the next match, at Cerro del Espino, against Rayo Majadahonda. In that part of the infirmary Truyols joined, who could not be among the 18 chosen against Calahorra the following week.

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Limones lost his place in the eleven after being absent from the list for the appointments against Sanse and Cultural and did not travel to Tudela either, a month later, Narváez filling his vacancy. Miguel Núñez, captain and anchor of the midfield, did not wear shorts against Leon and Navarra either, due to suspension in both cases, after being expelled at home against Sanse and for having to complete a cycle of five reprimands.

That is precisely the reason why the black and white coach, Isaac Jové, will not be able to use two of his props and basic pieces in his scheme. Gorka Santamaría leaves a deep hole in the striker position, where there is no replacement of guarantees, especially after Sergio Benito’s departure in the winter market. The Basque ‘killer’ was in a sweet moment after chaining four goals in two games, including the brace that paved the way for victory at the Nuevo Vivero against Deportivo de la Coruña last Saturday. In this way he has become the solo top scorer in group 1 of the First RFEF with 11 goals.

Tahiru Awudu has combined the position at the top with a more inclined profile to the band, but he lacks tooth and mettle in the tasks of ‘9’. As a revulsive he brings some electricity and shakes the shaker when it is necessary to revolutionize the rhythm, but he has not yet shown his credentials to acquire the responsibility of the goal.

Dani Aquino accumulates battles as a reference above in various stages, his role as a scorer being very fruitful, for example, in the 2016/17 season, when he scored 27 goals, including a poker against Mutilvera. Although it is also true that in his period of greatest soccer maturity he has exploited his qualities more, entering from the second line of attack in the midfielder or striking from the flanks. As a result of his quality, his presence entails danger in any area near the goal and is a more than feasible option. Locating a winger as a false nine is another alternative that the Catalan coach could handle for the duel on Sunday at 12:00 against DUX Internacional.

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The other headache for Jové is located in the heart of his rearguard, in an axis of defense that loses his Kaiser, José Pardo, who only had a lack of assistance in the lineups this season, against SD Logroñés, for the same reason as now, having seen the fifth yellow card. The rest had played it all. In that case the options seem clear, Miguel Núñez could delay his placement to form a partnership with Gorka Pérez, a role that he has already assumed on other occasions, or not modify the scheme and resort to Joan Truyols.

Beyond the contribution of both in sports performance, Badajoz will suffer from the leadership of two authorized voices from the locker room, a role that Miguel Núñez will bring together in this case.

Key match of the subsidiary against Don Álvaro for permanence

Since mid-November, the Badajoz subsidiary began a free fall that had no end and that led him to settle in the relegation places. A baggage of seven losses and three draws evidenced a deep crisis that moved from the offices to the grass. Since the Christmas break, the drift deepened even more with the departure of Antonio López ‘Stili’, who left the bench an orphan. At the end of February, Juli Caro took the helm and put himself at the controls of a ship doomed to capsize. The victory prior to his arrival against Olivenza (0-1), his unbeatable debut against Miajadas (1-0), the three points from the duel against Extremadura B and the draw with the second, Moralo, have allowed him to leave of the burning This Sunday, at 5:00 p.m., in the Eusebio Bejarano field, the closest pursuer of him, Don Álvaro, located two points away and who marks the hot positions, will be measured. Admission will be free for Badajoz members and will cost 8 euros for the general public. The Blue and Whites have a postponed clash, the one on matchday 23 against Olivenza, and they will have to add three more points to their locker within ten days corresponding to the match against the Barça subsidiary. It will therefore be a key final for the fight for salvation.

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