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Badalona: Albiol sees the motion as “tremendously unfair” and announces that it will be presented again in 2023 | Catalonia

Xavier García Albiol, mayor of Badalona, ​​stated this Friday in the City Council that he sees the motion of censure that will evict him from the mayor’s office on Friday 8 “tremendously unfair” and that the 16 opposition councilors have formalized this Friday. The popular has argued that the PSC and the CUP – that is how he always calls Guanyem – have wanted to win in the offices what they do not achieve at the polls and has accused them of using money as an excuse. Pandora Papers to reach the mayor’s office. “The motion is not based on facts from 16 years ago but on his impotence seeing that our project has more and more support,” he insisted after warning that he will be presented again in the 2023 elections.

In an appearance without accepting questions in the Town Hall, which has broken the silence that it had maintained since the scandal broke out, Albiol has acknowledged that he is experiencing “very, very hard” moments from the “family, personal and political” point of view. . Visibly excited, the popular has taken for granted that the motion will succeed. “From the emotion and the pain, from the grief, from the suffering, if someone believes that in the medium term they will continue to win in the offices what they do not win at the polls is that they do not know this city or me,” he said. “I will dedicate myself body and soul so that in May 2023 Badalona will have the city that the majority wants.”

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Escorted by his three deputy mayors, Albiol recalled that he has won the last three elections in a row and that in 2015 the Pandora Papers when the PSC, he said, “gave” the mayor’s office to Dolors Sabater, from Guanyem. Nor in 2019 when Guanyem did the same with the socialist Àlex Pastor. For this reason, the popular has indicated that everything is due to an operation to unseat him and has accused the opposition of not knowing the feelings of the citizens of Badalona. “In 2015 there was no excuse or a commercial power and they removed me from the mayor’s office. And in 2019, the same happened. It was a legal power and today too ”, he insisted.

The opposition, meanwhile, has staged the presentation of the motion of censure in the El Viver building. Rubén Guijarro, the socialist mayor, has limited this political initiative to the presence of Albiol in the Pandora Papers. The leader of the PSC in Badalona has accused the mayor of “entrenching himself in the lie” and has reproached him for not having submitted his resignation: “It was consistent, we would have saved ourselves this week and it would not have embarrassed the neighbors.” The motion of censure, he said, is the first step to “end the corruption of the PP.”

Regarding the future government, Guijarro has said that the talks are “open to all groups” that want to join the project of “recovering dignity for the city” and has asked for “prudence” and time to negotiate. The one who is expected to be the new mayor has said that he wants a city “safer, more civic and cleaner.” Guanyem Badalona had maintained on Wednesday night that he refused to enter the municipal government, but this Friday he left it up in the air. Most of the opposition spokesmen have insisted that a new stage is opening in the city in which a mayor who they have branded as “corrupt” will be evicted.

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