Thursday, September 23

Bagayoko, the boy who broke Ricky’s precocious record in the ACB

The scoreboard reflected a 17-15 in favor of Urbas Fuenlabrada with 2.56 remaining to the end of the first quarter, when a 2.07 meter giant was preparing to go out onto the field and play a few minutes at the Real Madrid, great dominator of this league. It was Bassala Bagayoko, the Malian pivot who entered the history of the ACB this Sunday by becoming the youngest player to participate in Endesa League with 14 years, 7 months and 15 days, beating the record he held Ricky Rubio.

Bagayoko exceeded, 16 years later, the precocity record established by the current Catalan base of the Minnesota Timberwolves, which debuted in the ACB in October 2005 with the Youth in front of grenade, when he was 14 years, 11 months and 24 days old.

With nothing to fear Josep Maria Raventós, coach of the locals, called inside in the 7th minute of the first quarter to make his debut in the competition. A plug to the Swedish Jeff Taylor that he was penalized with a foul, and his first points in the 9th, by crushing with a mate an entry to the basket of his compatriot Cheick diallo were the first performances of Bagayoko, who showed great physical power despite his very young age.

He also intervened in the last minutes of the third quarter and at the start of the last, to close his participation with 2 points, 2 rebounds and 2 fouls committed in 9:11 minutes on the track of the Fernando Martín Pavilion.

The precocious player belongs to Fuenlabrada from EBA League, where he combines power and forward positions and averages 8.6 points, 8 rebounds and a PIR of 14.6. He arrived at the Fuenlabreño club from Alcala and the previous season he played the ‘Mini glass‘of 2019, with a performance that dazzled the big clubs, participating in the ranks of the CB Canarias.

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The Malian player was summoned by the first team to cover the multiple casualties of the Fuenlabreño team, which does not have due to injury. Osas Ehigiator, Siim Sander Vene, Marc Garcia Y Alex Urtasun, and has quarantined for coronavirus Melo trimble Y Chema gonzalez.

“We have kept him for 10 minutes because he has trained very well, he is not afraid. From now on we have to continue taking care of him as the club is taking care of him, that his coaches continue to treat him as they are treating him and go little by little with him,” he said. Raventós at the end of the game.

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