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Ballesol Alicante, one step ahead to take care of yourself as you deserve

In addition to guaranteeing a safe space, Ballesol Alicante knows how to respond to both physical, functional and emotional and affective needs.

In addition to guaranteeing a safe space, Ballesol Alicante knows how to respond to both physical, functional and emotional and affective needs.

The growing demand for care is closely related to the increase in the elderly population. From that perspective, the art of caring for the 3 residences of Ballesol Alicante; Ballesol Playa San Juan, Vía Parque and Costa Blanca Senior Resort comprises a journey through the aging process in which make sense of the value of understanding, optimizing, promoting dynamics for specific needs with special and quality attention.

A challenge to care and health that these three nursing homes face from an individualized and person-centered planning.

Ballesol is the first choice of many families for this reason …

As a residence for the elderly, a national reference in offering stays tailored to each need to be able to address any pathology in a multidisciplinary way, Costa Blanca Senior Resort, Vía Parque and Playa San Juan also have programs of prevention, optimization of capacities and participatory projects for active and healthy aging.

“The way of caring is what differentiates us”, agree from the Ballesol management.

A nursing home is not simply a space to live and pass through. It is, in turn, a home where you can be better cared for than at home by having assistance 24 hours a day and where to grow old with quality of life.

Against this optimism and security scenario, Ballesol Alicante Vía Parque, Costa Blanca Senior Resort and Playa San Juan become privileged spaces, with unique and protected environments where to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a five-star residence of continue to grow personally, mentally and socially.

At the same time, they are also models in the transformation of both their infrastructures and digital assistance (telemonitoring, accesses, falls, health history …). Actions identified in all the centers’ facilities, including the rooms. Spaces tailored to each person and need, according to their level of dependency and autonomy.

Ballesol Alicante improves your quality of life

Capturing the spectacular views that residents of Ballesol Alicante Costa Blanca Senior Resort can enjoy.

Ballesol Costa Blanca Senior Resort is located next to the Villajoyosa cove on the edge of Benidorm, a privileged place on an exclusive and quiet hill. The resort encompasses three different buildings: one for the residence of dependent people, another for the self-employed, and another group of apartments to be able to include all the possibilities of demand with specific services tailored to each need.

In this regard, the residence of Costa Blanca Senior Resort offers the addition of stays in apartments on the beachfront with the functionality of high-class accommodation, designed for the most autonomous and independent people.

These temporary accommodations have more spaces, equipment and amenities in different environments divided to offer a unique experience of leisure and enjoyment.

In addition to continuing to emphasize promote autonomy and comprehensive and individualized care of the resident.

One step ahead to take care of yourself as you deserve

In short, the objective of any stay at Ballesol Alicante is also the desire that the resident can grow old improving their quality of life and that of their family members.

Options that make the Ballesol nursing home one step ahead in the care and well-being of the elderly and their families.

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Ballesol Alicante Centers

  • Ballesol Playa de San Juan: Avenida San Sebastián, 33, 03540 Playa San Juan, Alicante Tel. 965 154 125
  • Ballesol Via Parque: C/ Virgilio, 17, 03016 Alicante Tel.965 156 833
  • Ballesol Costa Blanca: C / Tramuntana, 2, 03570 La Cala de La Vila, Villajoyosa Alicante Tel. 965 857 671

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