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Banksy Confirms He’s Behind British Seaside ‘Spraycation’ Artwork | Banksy

Banksy has confirmed that he is the author of a number of works that have recently appeared in coastal towns on the east coast of the UK.

An Instagram video clip, just over three minutes long, called “A Great British Spraycation,” shows the elusive artist taking a summer trip in a motorhome hit with cans of spray paint hidden inside a cooler.

The video shows the artist, with his identity conveniently hidden, working on the murals, and includes occasional criticism from passersby.

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In a construction on the concrete maritime defense wall of a British beach, a rat rests on a deck chair, drinking a cocktail. In another, attached to the beach theme, a mechanical claw hangs over a public bench, as if someone sitting there is about to be picked up as a prize in an arcade game.

Another shows a giant seagull hovering over a container full of oversized “chips.” A fourth shows three children on a ramshackle boat. One looks ahead while another is busy scooping up water with a bucket. Above them, the inscription appears: “We are all in the same boat.”

On the roof of a bus stop, a couple also dance to the tune of a flat-capped accordionist, in a black and white painting that evokes the faded and despondent feeling of many of the country’s once prosperous seaside resorts.

Speculation that Banksy was behind the works arose after pieces bearing his hallmark were seen at Lowestoft in Suffolk and Gorleston and Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

One of Banksy's new works, on the side of a house in Lowestoft.
One of Banksy’s new works, on the side of a house in Lowestoft. Photograph: Banksy / PA

In recent years, the artist from Bristol, who has kept the mystery of his identity, has drawn the attention of the contemporary art world with his comments and social causes – migrants, opposition to Brexit, denunciation of Islamist radicals – in addition to shake up the commotion. from wealthy art markets.

In March, Banksy raised £ 16.7 million, a world auction record for the artist, for health projects with the auction of a painting depicting a boy playing with a toy nurse, rather than Batman or Spider-toys. Man peeking out of a basket.

The painting, titled Game Changer, was donated to the Southampton hospital during the first wave of the pandemic.

In March, groups in Reading expressed “enormous disappointment” after a Banksy mural on the side of a former prison was defaced with red paint and the phrase “Team Robbo”, likely a reference to graffiti artist King Robbo, who was in a long-standing rivalry with Banksy before his death in 2014.

The artwork, titled Create Escape, appeared on the red brick wall of Reading Prison on March 1 and showed an inmate escaping from confinement using a reel of knotted paper from a typewriter.

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