Monday, May 23

Barajas airport will not operate for most of Sunday

Nevada at the Barajas airport.

Nevada at the Barajas airport.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport It will continue to be closed for part of Sunday until the situation is analyzed and it is established that the optimal conditions exist to allow airport operations to resume from the afternoon.

In this situation, Aena and Enaire will meet throughout the morning this Sunday to assess the situation and analyze if services can be re-established.

The airport infrastructure manager has reported that operations will remain suspended, at least until Sunday afternoon, when it is expected that it could be resumed gradually. Although there are already two clear slopes, the protocols are “very strict and frosts are expected.”

Renfe, until noon

The situation in the railway network is the same, with the services to and from Madrid canceled until at least noon on Sunday, when also the situation will be analyzed to assess the reopening of the service. The price of the tickets will be paid to travelers who have seen altered the services in which they were traveling.

Renfe has suspended all planned railway services with origin or destination in Madrid, both AVE and Long Distance and Medium Distance given the situation caused by the storm Filomena, which is affecting all infrastructure in the Peninsula.

The operator has also suspended all transverse relationships, Except for the Mediterranean corridor, which includes the Barcelona-Alicante line, whose operation will depend on the evolution of the storm, according to a Renfe spokesperson to Europa Press.

Both Renfe and Adif, the railway infrastructure manager, they work to standardize services “as soon as possible” and will inform travelers when circulation can be restored in the different corridors.

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The public company is communicating to affected travelers by SMS and by email the suspension of the service, giving the option of a full refund of the amount of the ticket or the change to travel on the first train that begins to circulate.

On the other hand, Renfe keeps all the information on its services updated through its website and its social networks, especially in the Twitter profiles. (@Renfe, @Inforenfe and @CercaniasMadrid).

No EMT buses

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) has announced that its services will continue to be suspended in the capital also today, Sunday, due to the snowstorm caused by the storm ‘Filomena’ that affects the city.

Thus, the EMT has transferred a message on its social networks in which it states that “due to adverse weather conditions and in accordance with the Madrid Transport ConsortiumThis Sunday, January 10, the EMT bus service will continue to be suspended “.

During the afternoon of this Friday the lines of the municipal transport service registered limitations and deviations that finally led to the suspension of service until further notice due to the intense snowfall that collapsed the roads of Madrid.

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