Wednesday, June 29

Barbón takes stock of his two years in office: “We have lived through the most difficult period since the Civil War”

Barbón insisted in his public appearance that the control of the pandemic “It was always the best to generate economic improvements”. In this sense, the President of the Principality also wanted to “put on the table” other good news known in recent months as “the Santa Bárbara contract, that the regasification plant will be in operation within a year, the rescue of Duro Felguera, the impulse of Zalia and the arrival of Amazon in Bobes, which has meant a before and after in the center of the region “. Now is the time, said Barbón, to focus on the funds that will come from Brussels and that will help reconstruction. “There is a great team working so that these funds mark our future. In this sense, the milestone of the legislature has been the announcement by Arcelor Mittal that will mark a before and after. Either we change or our industry dies”, he claimed.

Among the two great challenges that still lie ahead, Barbón pointed out the great reform of the administration and the demographic challenge. “We are a government that works in coalition with citizens and that makes dialogue its flag. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have received and answered more than 10,000 emails in our presidential address”, exemplified. Barbón narrated all the agreements that his party has reached with others with representation in the General Meeting of the Principality, among which he highlighted the latest budgets.

“We are a government that has always put on the table that we want to be the government of hope and the one that claims the pride of Asturias“He stressed, also putting objectives such as the reform of the Statute of Autonomy on the horizon.” It will be processed as quickly as possible but in any case long before the end of the legislature, “he said. calling on the parties not to think “constantly” about the elections in 2023. “The success of the 2022 budgets being approved would not be for the government, it would be for all of Asturias,” he emphasized.

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“In the street, I feel the support of many Asturians and Asturians who have seen that this government and this president have made decisions even at the cost of being burned”


Barbón was part of self-criticism and acknowledged that “the second wave of the coronavirus grew exponentially and caught us off guard”. Furthermore, “there were times when we made a mistake, for example saying that the mask was not necessary.” What he wanted to make clear is that “I have never regretted being president.” “I took a step forward with the support of my party and in the street I feel the support of many Asturians and Asturians who have seen that this government and this president have made decisions even at the cost of being burned and criticized,” he said.

The fifth wave

Looking to the nearest future. Does the president plan to take new measures or restrictions in the Principality in the face of the increase in cases? “We cannot measure this wave only by taking into account the accumulated incidence or contagions.

Now there are many infections but in very specific sectors and that is not generating a hospital occupation. In the future we can assess the so-called curfew or close the interiors. But having not been of alarm so that these limitations can be applied we need judicial authorization “, emphasized Barbón.

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