Thursday, December 2

Barça and Heurtel, determined to carry their pulse to the end

  1. The point guard only wants to leave the Palau to go to Madrid and the Barça club is not willing to facilitate his departure for an ACB rival

  2. The deadline to reach a pact, which seems impossible, is this Wednesday, when the Euroleague market closes

Thomashurtlel and the FC Barcelona they intend to keep their pulse open until the end of the season after reaching the deadline of January 6 – this Wednesday the Euroleague market closes at six in the afternoon – without reaching any kind of agreement.

Far from softening the conflict in these last two weeks, the positions of the French base and the Barça club have ended uen robingng in the negotiations that the club’s leaders and the player’s agent have been holding. Although it has some offers, Heurtel has communicated to the club that he will only leave to go to Madrid and if not, he prefers to stay in Barcelona and collect his entire tab, and the club will not facilitate his departure to a direct rival in the ACB.

Except for a last minute agreement, which right now seems impossible, the Barça He has decided to keHurtletel out of the first team discipline, because he considers that he acted in bad faith when negotiating his departure. The intention is that you continue training alone. The point guard always wielded a negotiation with the Fenerbahce so that the azulgrana club opened the door for him, when in fact he did it with Madrid.

Blank year

The 31-year-old guard, who was eager to go to Madrid and also receive your integral file from Barça, you will receive your entire contract, which expires on June 30, staying at the Palau. But the season will be blank, a decision more than debatable in an Olympic Games year. His posture does not benefit his career either, since it will be the second year that he will spend away from the courts, after missing much of the 19/20 season due to a partial rupture of the patellar tendon in his left knee.

The entire conflict dates back to the Euroleague match between the Barça and the Anaeyes efes in Istanbul, days after the Barça club communicated to Heurtel that was not in their plans. The player asked permission to close the alleged agreement with the Fenerbahce. Before the return trip, those responsible for the club discovered the deception and decided to leave it on the ground, taking on another hotel night and a flight the next morning.

No ACB output

Albert Soler, head of the professional teams of the Barça, has made it clear at all times that the image of the club is above any consideration. “At no time and in no case are we going to compensate the player if he intends to stay in a Spanish team of the ACB”.

The player’s agent, Misko Raznatovic, He took off with a statement on Monday to a Greek television channel, Sports24, to point out the Barça as the culprit of the situation. “The player did nothing wrong. We follow Barça’s instructions all the time and I’m surprised by everything that happened ”.

It may interest you

The pulse between player and club will also have collateral damage. While Barça negoHurtlewith Heurtel His departure, left his replacement practically tied: the also French base Leo Westermann, which curiously also hAnatomict Raznatovic. The braking at Hurtlet of Heurtel also left in the air the arrival of Westermann, who started the season at Fenerbahçe. The manager’s order is blunt: no more deficit can be geneHurtlend if Heurtel stays, there will be no money for the arrival of a new player.

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