Sunday, June 13

Barça announces the arrival of Emerson, third reinforcement in three days

  • The Brazilian full-back has been on loan for the last two seasons at Betis

  • He will try to be the heir to Alves, whom he replaces in Brazil

It’s been almost five years since Dani alves he packed his bags, but Barça still hasn’t been able to fill the gap left on the right side. Neither Douglas, neither Montoya, neither Semedo, neither Aleix Vidal, neither Sergi Roberto neither Wague nor, for now, Dest they have managed to make the Brazilian forget. Emerson, loaned so far by Barça at Betis, will try to be the heir to his compatriot, whom he replaced in the last call for Brazil after the injury of the ex-Azulgrana.

In January 2019, the Barça paid 12 million to Atlético Mineiro to seize the services of this promising defender. He gave it to Betis, which promised to pay 6 million plus the token for the transfer for two seasons. Nine million in total that Barça had to pay to keep it their property, although the club has not made the cost official. Operation Miranda (el Barça does not exercise the option to extend the Sevillian side, who remains at Betis) it may have made the arrival of the Brazilian cheaper.

Rejuvenate defense

The 22-year-old Emerson He wanted to play the preseason as a Barça player yes or yes, where he is guaranteed two more contract seasons in which he would earn 2.6 and 3.4 million euros, respectively. But if in the end he disputes the Copa América and / or the Games, the preparation of the new course could be lost (the League begins on August 13).

With Emerson, Barça has the fourth defender with the most goal assists (total 10) in the last two Leagues, only surpassed Jordi Alba (twenty), Jesus Navas (16) and Kieran trippier (11). The Brazilian has also been the seventh defender in the league with the most chances, being Betis’s most used player this season, with 3,186 minutes, ahead of Guido Rodríguez and Nabil Fekir.

At Benito Villamarín he has performed at a good level, shining more in attack than in defense, although he has made progress in this last aspect. They say that he is an atypical Brazilian, who before the coronavirus already preferred to stay at home with his brother than to go to the parties organized by some of his colleagues. Raised in a favela of Ermelino Matarazzo, east of Sao Paulo, has made donations during the covid to the most disadvantaged families of the humble neighborhood where he grew up.

With his arrival, Barça continues to strengthen the rejuvenation of its defense. He already did it last season with the arrival of Dest (now 20 years old), from Ajax, or the impulse of guys from La Masia like Araujo (22), Mingueza (22), pending, yes, of the future of Sergi Roberto (29), to whom the muscular injuries -has suffered three this course-, have left him without continuity. The Reus player ends a contract in 2022 and the club must decide whether to renew it now or sell it to get money this summer.

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Emerson is the fourth defender with the most goal assists (total 10) in the last two leagues, only surpassed by Alba (20), Navas (16) and Trippier (11).

Barcelona is also looking for a way out to Junior firpo, the left-back who has failed to settle behind, The former Betis defender (24 years) of the English Premier has offers. It cost the Barça club 18 million euros plus 12 in variables, so it intends, despite the difficulties of the pandemic market, to recover some of the investment made in its day.

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