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Barça assumes an alignment error against Torrelavega in La Liga

The Handball barça On Wednesday night he assumed all the consequences for the alignment error committed on Tuesday in the postponed match against Torrelavega corresponding to the sixth day of the League and that could cost him two points and thus add the first defeat in the championship since 2018, despite having won in a resounding 41-28 against the Cantabrian team.

The reason was none other than participation in the pivot party Youssef Ben Ali, who according to the regulations could not line up since it was a pending match that should have been played on October 10th and the veteran player joined the Barça discipline on November 19; in other words, on a date after the initial scheduling of the meeting. Hence their improper alignment.

Xavier O’Callaghan, sports manager of the Barça handball section, accepted the serious mistake through a statement that the club spread through social networks. “In no case has the intention been to manipulate a sporting result. When you make a mistake you must accept the consequences of the failure and, therefore, we will accept the sporting consequences of this unwanted error,” clarified the leader and former Barça player.

“The club apologizes to the members, the fans, the Batcho BM Torrelavega and to Asobal for this human error, which in no case was intended to alter the competition, “he said. O’callaghan in the same official explanation.

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The game was postponed at the time because Barça was playing the Super balloon. The regulations warn that only players registered on the date initially scheduled for the match could participate in it. Ben ali he got three of the 41 goals that Barcelona endorsed Torrelavega.

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As an anecdote, the Cantabrians were in the same situation as Barça since on November 8 they signed the Cape Verde goalkeeper Elcio carvalho, who stayed in the stands. The Bathco BM Torrelavega has denounced Barça and therefore is now in a position to score a victory, vital for them in their fight to avoid relegation and therefore a detriment to their direct rivals. Barça, the outstanding leader of the competition, is not affected by the result. The last time the Barça team lost a league game was the April 13, 2018, against Granollers (28-29). This mishap comes before Thursday’s match against Porto (8:45 p.m.) after Barça’s defeats in the Champions League against Kielce.

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