Tuesday, October 19

Barça deny that he neglected Heurtel after preventing him from returning on the team plane

  • The Barcelona club issues a statement detailing the break with the French base
  • The player sought to sign for Madrid behind the back of Barcelona, ​​who was outraged and did not let him return to the team from Istanbul
  • The entity clarifies that Heurtel, with whom Jasikevicius does not have, traveled with his agent to the Turkish city to resolve his future

He FC Barcelona has issued this morning a statement seeking to clarify the controversy generated with Thomas heurtel. The French base, who traveled with the team to Istanbul for the party of the Euroleague against him Ephesus, could not return with the rest of the expedition. The club prevented him and today he explained why.

In the background there is the feeling of a betrayal, not made explicit in the statement, since Heurtel, with whom the technician does not have Jasikevicius, traveled with the team to Istanbul to resolve his future with Fenerbahce. Barça took charge of part of the file, but when he found out that the Frenchman’s agent was negotiating his incorporation with Madrid, he was outraged and did not let him get on the plane back. The Frenchman will return to the Catalan capital today through a regular flight, which has been taken over by Barça itself. As long as the mess is not resolved, Heurtel continues to be part of the club.

The club exposes the chronology of what happened

1. On Sunday, the day the team faced Joventut de Badalona, ​​the Club and the player decided that the player should not play the match to avoid possible injury, given an imminent mutual contract resolution agreement.

2. On Monday the Club allows the player, who was not called up for the game against Anadolu Efes, to travel with the team to Istanbul to solve his professional future, as he and his representative requested.

3. On Tuesday the player asked the club for permission to live parallel to the team during this trip and to be able to resolve his professional future.

4. On Tuesday at noon, the Club and the player’s agent break up the negotiations and start talking. Given the situation generated by this breakdown in negotiations, and not being under the team’s discipline in this match, it is decided that the player will not return to the group. The player was not unattended in any case and he was given all the facilities – a hotel night, a regular flight ticket and all the relevant documentation – to be able to travel and return to Barcelona the next day.

It may interest you

5. Finally, the Club wants to communicate that Thomas Heurtel continues to form part of the FC Barcelona discipline, waiting to be able to solve his future in the coming days.

In addition, and that is not explained in the statement, the incorporation of Heurtel to the discipline of the Turkish club would allow Barça to cover his loss with a player who is currently part of Fenerbahce, Leo Westermann, and that it has a lower token.


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