Monday, June 27

Barça destroy La Penya with 37 points in the third quarter

  • Gasol (13) prepared the way that was later paved between Davies (14) and Kuric (22) after the break to place a 30-point lead

  • Lenovo Tenerife is the Barça rival in the semifinal, in a series that will be played Monday, Wednesday and Friday

With 37 points in the third quarter (by 14 from Joventut), Barça advanced to the semifinal that will face Lenovo Tenerife in a series that will be played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, if necessary and the island team demands it. , like the neighbor of Badalona, ​​the maximum effort. From 45-38 at the break, which left the duel somewhat open although the Catalans had improved a lot compared to the second game, he went to 82-42. The 30 points made the green-black comeback impossible. The cut reduced the margin to 94-73.

Barça was once again devastating in attack, in a few minutes of madness for a spectacular success of Brandon davies (11 points on 6 shots without miss) and Kyle Kuric (15, on five triples) They collected 26 points while their companions gawked at them. And also the rivals, summoned to an area by their coach who revealed himself to be suicidal. Carles Duran changed with the lost game and then recognized his tactical mistake.

9 at break

Barça had obtained their biggest difference in the last minute before the break (43-34, plus 9) thanks to a streak by Higgins, thick at the beginning, but already focused with the game underway. The forward continued the work of a Pau Gasol splendid until then, perfect: 14 points without failure. The top Barça scorers maintained a good cadence from the locals, who knew better how to get rid of the suffocating defense of La Penya.

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It was, or still was, because there was more contact and permissiveness than in Badalona, ​​where it worked perfectly by leaving the Catalans at 63 points, 22 less than their average. Before it could be verified with real numbers, it was already sensed at the dawn of the duel. Alex Abrines, starter, he scored in his first two shots the 5 points he had accumulated in the two games. In the second it was zero.

Calathes returns with candies

Gasol, above all, and the team in general, was helped a lot by the return of Nick Calathes. The point guard gave him a couple of sweets that left him with half a basket made and oiled up the attack when Joventut had cut the first Barça stretch. Sometimes the forms matter more than the background, and with Calathes it seemed that Barça walked, when in reality it was not like that.

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The Barcelona difference was insignificant until it shot up after the break with the impetuous emergence of Davies (7 points in a row) and the bleeding caused by Kuric, who sewed with four consecutive triples to the green and black. The area ordered by Durán was dramatic in its execution and in the consequences it caused on his team. Then what was insignificant became bestial: 30 points away. Barça had needed the third game, but managed to save the last four, even if he had to play it.

Data sheet

BARCELONA: Hanga (2), Higgins (10), Abrines (7), Mirotic (5), Davies (13) -starting five-; Gasol (14), Bolmaro (9), Kuric (22), Calathes (5) Smits (7), Orihuela (0), Claver (0).

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12 of 32 triples (Kuric, 6); 37 rebounds, 9 offensive (Kuric, 2); 22 assists (Calathes, 9).

YOUTH: Bassas (8), Ribas (8), Parra (3), Morgan (2), Tomic (17) –initial five–; López-Arostegui (2), Dimitrijevic (10), Brodziansky (11), Birgander (7), Ventura (5).

5 of 23 triples (Bassas, 2); 32 rebounds, 8 offensive (Parra, 2); 14 assists (Dimitrijevic, 6).

PARTIAL: 25-21; 20-17; 37-14; 12-21.

REFEREES: Count, Calatrava, Padrós.

PAVILION: Palau Blaugrana. 1,000 spectators.

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