Thursday, May 26

Barça goes to Cologne with the tenth ASOBAL Cup in a row

With another title in their saddlebags, Barça travels to the great challenge of the season. To Cologne, in search of the elusive and coveted Champions, even though the club has nine, to close the cycle of Xavi Pascual at the head of the super-team he has built. The ASOBAL Cup is the last conquest in Spanish territory after the triumph over Cantabria Sinfín (33-23), which presented more battle than expected in the first half. He gave up, of course, before a steamroller that has chained 11 Leagues and 10 consecutive Cups, for limiting the volume of trophies added.

The trip to the semifinal (43-27 to Bada Huesca) was not repeated in the final. The superiority of Barça over its Spanish rivals is such that the news is, precisely, that the team suffers. Suffering means, at his level, that the team took three minutes to score the first goal and only won four (14-10) at half-time. Suffering was, above all, running into the Cantabria goalkeeper, Ernesto Sanchez, a colossus that would have embittered the night for a conventional team. That is not the case of Barça.

Sánchez and Möller stop everything

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Sánchez signed 13 stops in the first half; between them, two penalties. He came, at times, to make the Catalans a complex. Fortunately for Barça, there are plenty of shooters and they have plenty of goals. Sánchez’s exceptional performance eclipsed that of Kevin Möller, Equally crucial so that the final did not take on worrying shades, since it left the Santander team in 10 goals before their teammates were unleashed. It happened when Sánchez lowered his arms and was substituted. Möller did not stop stopping.

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Data sheet

Barça: Möller (-), Cindric (3), N’Guessan (5), Dika Mem (2), Mortensen (4), Aleix Gómez (4), Fàbregas (3) -starting seven-; Pérez de Vargas (-), Sorhaindo (-), Dolenec (5), Blaz Janco (4), Petrus (-), Alex Pascual (1), Makuc (-), Lángara (1), Frade (1).

Liberbank Cantabria Sinfín: Ernesto Sánchez (-), Muñiz (-), Alberto Pla (1), Blázquez (-), Ostroushko (-), Zungri (1), Vallés (5) -starting seven-; Rubio (1), Postigo (1), Lastra (1), Alonso (3), Luís Pla (1), Basualdo (1), Castro (2), Herrero (7), Elcio (-).

Partial: 2-1 / 4-4 / 6-6 / 9-6 / 12-8 / 14-10 (rest); 17-13 / 19-14 / 23-16 / 26-19 / 31-21 / 33-23

Referees: Raluy and Tasty.

Pavilion: Sports Palace, Santander.

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