Monday, August 15

Barça is exhibited at the Emirates with another win over Arsenal

The Catalans celebrated the reappearance of Graham Hansen, although they lost Guijarro for testing positive for covid-19.

In contrast to the male version, another Barça was exhibited in the Champions League, on a magnificent stage like the Emirates, the Arsenal stadium, which opened its doors to receive the European champions. The Catalans were neither impressed nor relaxed with the treatment given and the classification already guaranteed, and they maintained the intensity that distinguishes them in the competition. They beat Arsenal again (0-4) as they already did in the first leg (4-1).Barça came out to impose its rhythm and its dominance, faithful to tradition and to the intention of preventing Arsenal from reinforcing their motivation. Barça has closed so much distance with English football, dominant a decade ago, that it is now dominating in Europe, where it has a perfect trajectory. Only Paris Saint Germain has had five victories in five games.

The London box could not oppose a greater reply than simply to contain its rival to achieve a decent result. Barça connected twenty shots, half between the sticks. Paños deflected with his foot ten minutes from the end that Mead equalized the score of the first match, although the crossbar prevented a hand from being in a shot by Marta Torrejón.

The face and the cross

All in all, Barça’s greatest satisfaction was having the reappearance of Caroline graham hansen, now overcome the cardiological discomfort that forced her to stop and undergo a medical check-up. The Norwegian forward took over the right wing, and could have put the icing on the cake, but Zinsberger he avoided it in a notable intervention.

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The negative note, instead, was that Patri Guijarro could not play. She tested positive for covid-19 and was left isolated in the hotel, subjected to the British health protocol. She had to settle for enjoying the exhibition of her companions on television.

Data sheet

Arsenal: Zinsberger; Maritz, Beattie (Sorensen, d. 80), Catley, McCabe; Small, Maanum (Wälti, m. 60), Nobbs (Iwabuchi, m. 60); Parris, Foord (Miedema, d. 60), Mead.

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Barcelona: Cloths; Marta (Jana, m. 64), Paredes, Pereira, Rölfo (Serrano, m. 85); Aitana, Alexia; Crnogorcevic (Engen, m. 65), Mariona (Leila, m. 80), Martens (Hansen, m. 65); Handsome.

Goals: 0-1 (m. 22), Aitana; 0-2 (m. 28), Hermoso; 0-3 (m. 45 + 1), Rölfo; 0-4 (m. 75), Beautiful. n

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