Tuesday, October 19

Barça prevents Heurtel from returning from Istanbul on the team plane for negotiating with Real Madrid



With Christmas just around the corner and in the midst of a global pandemic, Barcelona decided yesterday that it was best to ban Thomas Heurtel from returning home with the rest of the team from Istanbul and all in response to the Frenchman’s refusal to leave the Barça discipline and sign for Fenerbahçe.

The episode needs an explanation, because it is difficult to understand. Heurtel hasn’t counted for Jasikevicius for a long time, and that the Frenchman was until a few months ago one of the figures of the team, renewed upwards in 2019 and with one of the best salaries in the dressing room. However, the Lithuanian revealed last week that he did not have the base and that the club was already working to find a way out for him.

With that panorama, Heurtel and Barcelona agents have been working on a contract termination, unfinished by the fears of the directive culé to a march of the French to the Real Madrid. Those fears seemed to have disappeared when the guard separated from the team, asked to travel to Turkey with his teammates to finalize an agreement with Fenerbahçe. Operation that did not finally come true and that was the origin of the sainete starred late on Tuesday night.

It was then, alerted by a possible negotiation of Heurtel with Real Madrid, when the Barça leaders flew into a rage, prohibiting the player from getting on the bus with his teammates that he had to take them to the airport, in an information advanced by the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” and that ABC has been able to confirm.

Less than 48 hours before Christmas Eve and with the difficulties of traveling in times of the coronavirus, Barcelona left one of their players lying in Istanbul. Anomalous situation, because it is the same club that is reviling one of the members of the dressing room. In fact, several colleagues, like Mike James, lamented the way Barcelona proceeded.

«We don’t want you in the club and we want you to leave, but you can go only to the place we say … This is not a dictatorship! If you don’t love me, let me go and let me choose the best for my family», Explained the base of CSKA in a message on their social networks. Support to which others such as Malcolm Delaney, ex of the Barça and companion of Heurtel.

The basketball players union has also shown its rejection of this situation. Through his Twitter account, the Association of Professional Basketball Players (ABP) has stated that it is in contact with the player to help him. “Is there not some humanity left”, says the ABP in the tweet.

The chapter will have its continuation today, as it is expected that the representatives of the French, led by the extravagant Misko Raznatovic, require explanations, and it is not ruled out that they may carry out actions against the club.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is waiting for a solution between the two partiesIt will only undertake the signing of the French if he manages to dissociate himself from Barcelona before. All this, in the week of the classic, which both teams will play on Sunday (9:30 pm) as the closing of the ACB day.

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