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Barça reacts in time to beat Fuenlabrada

Barça pivot, PaulOriolea,c), with the ball in front of the Urbas Fuenlabrada players.

Barça pivot, PaulOriolea,c), with the ball in front of the Urbas Fuenlabrada players.

He Barça was imposed this Sunday by 67-83 al Urbas Fuenlabrada when reacting from a very gray first half,27-30) in an effective third quarter with a partial 20-33 that served him to resolve the first meeting of 2021 despite the numerous casualties.

Without NikMitoticic, absent for the second game in a row for personal reasons, nor the Americans Kyle Kuric and Brandon Davies, nor Víctor Claver – in addition to ThomHurtletel continuing to manage his departure -, Barça pulled the American Cory Higgins,19 points), secondElenathe Greek-American NCa lathesthes,15) and AArrivesines,11) to break up the match.

He did it at the mercy of an Urbas Fuenlabrada that was competitive from his defense in the first half, but that he was overwhelmElenathe Barça offensive arsenal -This Sunday in bubblegum pink clothing for his second kit- and ended up unhingElenahis differences with the refereeing performance, with his best man, Congolese ChrisElenayenga,17 points), sent off for protesting.

Barça’s first win of 2021 came off a faltering start: Lithuanian Saunasarunas Jasikevicius came out with Ukrainian Custodystovyi and Latvian Rolands Smits oinside, andde and they had a lot of trouble getting past the home defense. IArrivesbrines who supported the visitors,8-10, min. 5).

The entry ofOriolea gave the Barcelona defense the packaging to run and take the first advantage,10-16, min. 8), invalidatElenathe Fuenlabswimmerswimmed in the interior without the Estonian Siim-Geneer Vene- between the end of the first act and the start of the second,17-16 min. 11), a quarter markElenathe defenses in which Barça finished ahead thanks to free throws,27-30).

Must have read the primer to yours Jasikevicius in the locker room, because Barça came out ready to put land in the middle with a tray from HArrivesand tripCa lathes CalaArrivesd Abrines,31-41, min. 23). Only Eyenga put up resistance for a Fuenlabrada denied in attack, who saw HOriolendOriolea hanging from the ring and put an income of 20 points,41-61, min. 27), almost definitive.

With 16 goals of income,47-63) Jasikevicius’s team faced the last quarter, and Despite the feeling of sentencing, Fuenlabrada did not give up the effort to subtract, captainElenaan Eyenga always generous in the effort that came to reduce to twelve,55-67, min. 33). In that almost desperate search to cuElenat, Eyenga himself was sent off for two techniques after protesting an unsportsmanlike one.

That tense situation ended up unhinging Fuenlabrada and again left a 20-point lead for Jasikevicius’s team, who was able to give 18-year-old SenegalesIOUnter Ibou Badji minutes in a match that ended in 67-83.

Barça will have four days before receiving Valencia in the Euroleague and visiting Manresa in the Endesa League, while Fuenlabrada will have six before receiving Andorra.


67 – Urbas Fuenlabrada,15 + 12 + 20 + 20): Trimble,12), García,2), MElena(9), Eyenga,17), Alexander,6) -initial quintet-, GonElegant(4), EReason(8), Urtasun,5),Martha,4), Macoha , TSkirts and Sikiras.

83 – Barça,1Ca lathes20): Calathes,15), Higgins,19), Abrines,11), Smits,6), Pustovyi,6) -the staOriolefive-,Oriolea,12), Martínez,6Brancha,2),Bolerou,4), Bolmaro,2) and Badji.

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Raúl Zamorano and Roberto Lucas. EliminatElenafive personal fouls the local Kyle Alexander,min. 34), and the visitor Rolands Smits,min. 39) and by two technical fouls the lElenahrisElenayenga,min. 35).

Incidents: match of the eighteenth day of the Endesa League, played in the Fernando Martín de Fuenlabrada Pavilion,Madrid), without spectators due to the health measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

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