Sunday, October 17

Barça saves the ‘match ball’ and the futsal league will be played at the Palau

  • Two goals from Dyego put the culé victory on track against Levante, resolved in a frantic final with four goals in the last two minutes (3-4)

  • The third and final match of the final will be played at the Barça fiefdom on Wednesday (8pm)

The Futsal league this will be decided Wednesday at the Palau after the Barça save the ‘match ball’ on the court I raised (3-4). The Catalan team was superior in the first half of the second game of the final and built an advantage that did not yield in a madness ending, with six goals in the last four minutes, four of them in the last 120 seconds.

After losing the first game at home in the penalty shootout, Paterna’s could have been the Andreu Plaza’s last game at Barça, but the culé coach will have the opportunity to say goodbye at the Palau (8:00 pm) and perhaps with another title.

Of all the occasions of the Barça in the first half only materialized the one of Dyego at the exit of a corner, with a cross shot (m. 15) that Fede, whom the post had already saved in a shot from left handed, he couldn’t answer. In exchange for so much wasted opportunity, Dídac he had a relatively placid first 20 minutes.

A crazy ending

But Levante, which is experiencing a great season (the soccer team will continue in the First Division and the women’s team has qualified for the Champions League), knew that it was facing the great opportunity of release the track record of the section (Barça fights for its fifth league). A cross shot of Rooster equalized shortly after starting the second half (m. 23) and opened a period of alternatives and a lot of work for both Fede and Dídac. This time the wood allied with the visiting goal in a shot from Pedro Toro.

Until a robbery by Dyego allowed him to score the 1-2 (m. 34), forcing Levante to go up (with another shot to the post by Rafa Usín). That bravery allowed Coelho score 1-3 almost from his field (m. 37) already Carpenter sentence the match (m. 38). Or so it seemed, because Levante still had time in a spectacular final arreón to score two goals (Rivillos Y Usin, 3-4) to make his fans dream during the last 37 seconds.

Data sheet:

Raise FS: Fede, Maxi Rescia, Rubi Lemos, Gallo, Pedro Toro – starting fifth – Esteban, Roger, Rivillos, Marc Tolrá, Rafa Usín

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Barça: Dídac, Aicardo, Marcenio, Dyego and Ferrao -initial fifth- Daniel, Adolfo, Esquedinha, Matheus, André Coelho

Goals: 0-1 (m.15), DyeGo. 1-1 (m.23), Gallo. 1-2 (m.34) DyeGo. 1-3 (m.37), Coelho. 1-4 (m.38), Marcenio. 2-4 (m.38), Rivillos. 3-4 (m.39), Rafa Usín.

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