Tuesday, January 18

Barça takes the futsal League on penalties

  • Andreu Plaza says goodbye to the club with his third league, the fifth in the club’s history

  • Dídac Plana, decisive with two stops in the batch

Barça ended its strangest season in style. The one that began by winning the postponed Champions of the previous year, after which it suffered a tremendous game slump, adding a single point of 15 in the League. In a campaign marked by the covid and injuries, he conquered another title postponed by the pandemic, the Copa del Rey last year, although he would lose the final of this course in a fateful month and a half in which he would also fall in the Copa del Rey Spain and the Champions League. Andreu Plaza, which the club announced that it will not continue, said goodbye after nine seasons between the first team and the futsal affiliate, winning their third league, the fifth for the club.

After a first half with almost no chances (the clearest a stick of Ximbinha), Levante went ahead 30 seconds into the second when Pedro Toro took advantage of a rejection of Dídac after a volley of Maxi. Ferrao tried to come to the rescue but the first stinger punctured wood and the second in the back of Adolfo. The 2,000 spectators roared trying not to let the title leave the Palau. He pushed the stands, clamoring against the expulsion of Coelho and two falls of Ferrao and Esquerdinha in the area and denying when he saw that there was no way to knock down the Levantine wall, even when from his frame Dídac launched a torpedo that crashed with the crossbar. until Daniel shiraishi, in his last game at Barça and with 44 seconds to go, he achieved a draw after taking advantage of a surgical pass from Carpenter.

It seemed that the worst had passed but Barça had to start rowing again after the ex-Azulgrana Rafa Usín again overtook a Levante that aspired to break the tyranny of Barça, Pozo and Inter, who had taken the League in the last two decades. But the script was repeated and 46 seconds from the end Matheus tied again. A save by Dídac on the horn led to penalties. The Barça goal, who stopped the first of the batch, also stopped the last to certify the title. Aicardo, who like Plaza, Daniel Shiraishi and Ximbinha will not follow, lifted his last trophy after nine years at the club.

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