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Barça throws the Champions League in an ill-fated second half

  • The Barça team won 2-0 at halftime, but were traced back in just five minutes by Sporting de Portugal (3-4)

  • Six months after the title won at the Palau against the Pozo, the Catalan club gave the crown to the Portuguese champion.

The curse that persecutes to the Futsal Barça in 2021 lived this Monday the hardest episode. The Barça team he lost his third final in just over a month. After saying goodbye to the Spanish Cup in March and the Super Cup in April, both against Movistar Inter, came the worst slap in May with the hit in the Champions League against him Sporting de Portugal (3-4). The Catalan team dominated 2-0 at halftime in Zadar and he was traced back in just five minutes in an ill-fated second half.

Barça aspired to achieve the fourth Champions of his record and the second in half a year after the title won in the Palau last October 12 against the Well. Located in the fifth place in the League and outside the Copa del Rey, the European event was once again presented as the best medicine to forget the penalties and display the power of a great staff.

Goal at 51 seconds

The lens faded out of shape cruel and totally incomprehensible for the Catalans. After the titles of 2012, 2014 and 2020, there was an ideal opportunity to recover the best feelings. And all it started out great with both of Marcenio at 51 seconds. Not a minute had been fulfilled and Barça was already sending against a rival who was planted in the final with 45 games without losing.

The colomense Adolfo had in his boots the second and Left he ran into the post on a great occasion that he could not finish either Coelho. They were five brilliant minutes of a Barça that also asked for a penalty on Ferrao (m. 11). Esquerdinha crashed again with the elements in a header to the crossbar, while Dídac was gigantic in a shot of Erick. The Barça game was rewarded with the 2-0 of Ximbinha in a play in which the Portuguese protested a possible previous foul (m. 17).

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Lisbon reaction

Without excessive stress and with the same determination as in the semifinal against the fearsome Kairat, Barça was walking towards a title. Nothing foreshadowed the debacle lived after a rest that became eternal for a few technical problems on the Croatian track. Adolfo starred in the third suit of the Plaza team in an action that led to the tragedy. Sporting tied the final in 91 seconds with so many of Zicky and Erick.

Plaza’s team ran into sticks three times and lost their third final in a month

The mess led Plaza to ask for a time-out Totally necessary. “We have lowered the intensity! If one cannot ask for the change, period. Let’s calm down,” said the coach. His words did not have the desired effect and the Portuguese box marked the third within seconds of getting back on track.


In less than five minutes, a erratic Barça he let himself rise 2-0 with all the injury of the world. While the blaugrana sticks finished out, each rebound in the Portuguese wood fell at the feet of a Sporting player to finish off at will. This is how 2-4 also arrived, certified by Pany Varela, already with Daniel acting as goalkeeper-player.

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It remained to hold on to the heroic and Ferrao he closed the gap three minutes from the end. Barça tried everything in search of extra time, but there was no luck. The auctions of Ferrao, Daniel and Esquerdinha in the last 50 seconds they were repelled by the champion.

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FC Barcelona, ​​3 – Sporting de Portugal, 4

FC Barcelona: Dídac Plana; Marcenio, Aicardo, Dyego, Ferrao (five initials). Esquerdinha, Coelho, Adolfo, Daniel Shiraishi, Ximbinha and Joselito also play.

Sporting from Portugal: Guitta; Joao Matos, Erick, Alex Merlim, Pauleta (starting five). Cavinato, Pany Varela, Taynan, Tomás Paço, Vinicius Rocha and Zicky also played.

Goals: 1-0 (m. 1), Marcenio, with a strong shot; 2-0 (m. 17), Ximbinha, through a pass from Daniel; 2-1 (m. 26), Zicky, to empty goal; 2-2 (m. 27), Erick headed; 2-3 (d. 31), Joao Matos, from close up; 2-4 (m. 36), Pany Varela, after hitting the post; 3-4 (37), Ferrao.

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