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Barcala carries out the begging ordinance amid reproaches from the left and the silence of Citizens

Disunion on 25-N The left “comes down” from the balcony |

The plenary session of the month of November started with the debate and voting on the controversial point, although the ordinance was the protagonist already in the previous one, because the progressive groups refused to participate in the act of the City Council for the 25-N, organized minutes before the start of the municipal plenary session. Representatives of the two executive partners, led by the mayor, hung the banner alone on the balcony of the Town Hall on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with the slogan “Against sexist violence.” There, in that act, Vox was not there either. Below, in the center of the square, representatives of the three progressive groups (PSOE, United We Can and Compromís) gathered, with posters saying “no to the macho ordinance of shame.”

Already in the Plenary Hall, the PP of Barcala, although a year late, managed to carry out its ordinance project, which will now be exposed to the public, opening the period for allegations, in which Cs will supposedly register (it is expected that already in time and in good shape) his proposals for change, to give him a less antisocial vision, including social intervention and lowering the fines for prostitutes.

Disunion on 25-N The left “comes down” from the balcony

five you (out of six)

In the debate, the Security Councilor, José Ramón González (PP), was in charge of defending the document by the government team. Citizens were silent. Neither the spokesperson and vice mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez; nor the deputy spokesperson, José Luis Berenguer; Neither the Councilor for Equality, María Conejero, nor even the spokesperson for the government team and Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, spoke about the declared intentions of Cs to “improve” the text in the allegations phase. Barcala did not defend the text either, despite his prerogative to intervene outside of the regulated shifts. «We bring a good ordinance to improve coexistence and fight against begging. We want to act on harassment attitudes, take care of public spaces … We cannot look the other way as the tripartite did. And we are going to do it hand in hand with social services, studying each case through the Social Inclusion Plan. I ask you to come out in defense of the interests of your neighbors. This regulation is going to be good for your city, “said the PP councilor.

Also in the “yes”, the Vox spokesman, Mario Ortolá, regretted the delay in voting on the ordinance, which they have been demanding since the beginning of the mandate. “It has been on the table for a year in the government complexes before the accusations of the left. It is a text that the neighbors ask for. It is said that it seeks to persecute people, but seeks to punish acts of violence. It is necessary, all cities should have one approved, “added Ortolá, who warned that his political group will rethink the vote in the final approval (predictably, in early 2022) if changes are included that” decaffeinate “it, in allusion to the proposals announced by Cs and, a priori, accepted by the members of the PP.

For their part, from the bench on the left they showed their frontal rejection of the ordinance, which is inspired by the draft of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, although eliminating, for now, all articles of a social nature. The socialist Llanos Cano defended that “vulnerable people cannot be fined, intervention plans must be drawn up.” At the same time, he criticized the right to promote a “cruel, inhuman and sanctioning” text, about which “even the voters of the PP say no, like Caritas.”

Disunion on 25-N The left “comes down” from the balcony

The spokesman for United We Can, Xavier López, assured, for his part, that approving the ordinance is a “historical error, a stain on the image of the city of Alicante.” The text, for the purple coalition, is “unsupportive, unjust, antisocial and retrograde, made from the postulates of the extreme right.” Finally, Compromís spokesman Natxo Bellido regretted that there was no “less suitable day” to approve the ordinance than November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. “They have just hung a banner and now they are hitting women who are victims of prostitution through institutional violence. It is sloppy, cruel and useless. This is the ordinance brought by the PP and Vox and their Cs troupes ». From the left, apart from the criticism, they launched two messages, one without success and the other without a date: desperately trying to convince the orange formation to dissociate itself from a text that it rejected a year ago and announce that they will repeal the ordinance if they reach the municipal government after the elections of May 2023.

Meanwhile, the document will continue its municipal processing. From now on, thirty days will be exposed to the public, opening the period for allegations, which will presumably use Cs to “smooth” the document. Final approval, a step prior to its entry into force, is expected in early 2022.

Disunion on 25-N The left “comes down” from the balcony

Disunion on 25-N The left “comes down” from the balcony

The three municipal groups on the left (PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Compromís) rejected this Thursday to participate in the formal act of hanging the 25-N banner on the main balcony of the Alicante City Council, since minutes later the bipartisan defended the approval of the ordinance against begging and prostitution. Upstairs representatives of the government team gathered and downstairs, in the square, the progressives. Although there were misunderstandings. The bipartisan spokesman, Antonio Manresa (Cs), and especially the deputy, Manuel Villar (PP), unwittingly joined in the protest against the ordinance. After verifying the error, they immediately went up to the balcony.

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