Tuesday, October 26

Barcala leaves the markets “hanging”

The sellers of the four municipal markets of Alicante: Teulada, Carolinas, Benalua and Babel, cannot install the stalls in their entirety, because the Alicante City Council does not provide the necessary security resources against Covid-19 demanded by the Generalitat Valenciana .

Once again, Luis Barcala takes responsibility and burdens others, something that is directly his responsibility as Mayor of Alicante.

On this occasion, it does so by leaving the merchants in the non-sedentary sales markets (“flea markets”) unattended without providing a solution to an urgent need, blaming the Generalitat Valenciana for the situation in which they find themselves.

The fault always belongs to others.

The merchants of the municipal markets could not fully exercise their professional activities on Thursdays and Saturdays as usual, because the security regulations established to stop the infections of the Pandemic, prevented them from installing all their stalls.

Another group of small businesses that contemplates subsistence with concern.

Only 50% of the merchants can set up their stalls, on alternate days or weeks (depending on the market), which only involves four or five days of monthly work, if the following conditions are also met: Distance between stalls, (right -left) 2 meters.

Width of 7 meters of street, to install posts on both sidewalks of the same.

At present, those responsible for the Municipal Government of the Alicante City Council, maintain before the merchants that, it is the Generalitat Valenciana, the cause of not allowing the positions to be installed in their entirety.

Manifestations far from reality

The Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana, in the Resolution of December 5, 2020, of the Consellería de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, clearly reflects the measures to face the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19 in the markets , or non-sedentary sales markets.

The aforementioned publication, in addition to specifying the well-known safety precautions, to avoid the spread of Covid (use of masks, hydro-alcoholic gels at the entrance of the premises, regulation of the number of people in the stalls, passers-by, cleaning, disinfection of floors , signage, etc.) clearly indicates the necessary imperatives for the installation of 100% of the authorized trading posts in the municipal markets.

All you need is political will and remedying it today will be too late tomorrow

The sellers of the markets need to work these few weeks that they have left of Christmas and Kings. Later it will be too late for many of them.

Solve quickly. This week, better than next.

I want to be proactive again Mr. Barcala.

So that finally the vendors of the municipal markets can work without limitation of positions, in addition to complying with the general conditions of anti-Covid security by all known, access and control of the capacity must be regulated to 50% of its capacity, by members of local police, as was done in the opening after confinement.

On the other hand, do not mortify with a single access door to the Mercadillo de Teulada, please (it has four) it causes long, interminable queues that, urges customers to leave without buying.

By the way, it would greatly benefit Teulada, if the days of the flea market, it strengthened public transport. What a Christmas gift you would make to merchants and customers!

In short, the Municipal Markets of Alicante, Mr. Mayor, are managed by excellent officials, who go out of their way to provide solutions to merchants and customers. They just lack (sorry for the “only” thing) more material and human resources, to ensure that all their merchants can work.

Manuel Marín Bernal is a councilor for the Municipal Socialist Group


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