Saturday, October 16

Barcala limits the change in the Budget due to the lack of time for its execution

The vice mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, and the mayor, Luis Barcala, in a recent plenary session.

The vice mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, and the mayor, Luis Barcala, in a recent plenary session.

The fourth (and presumably) last adjustment of the 2020 municipal budget of the city of Alicante in the end it will touch the 12 million, when including the two items demanded by the controller: nine million to face the deficit that drags public transport through the covid crisis and the payment of a pending judgment derived from the expansion of two institutes in the North Zone. Thus, the rest of the changes in the accounts do not reach three million, although initially it was announced that it would be around five million. The limited time to execute the projects (it is not expected that the final approval will be approved until the last fortnight of December) has prevented the inclusion of more initiatives, according to sources from the bipartisan.

According to the agreement approved this Tuesday by the Governing Board, the modification of credits has two million to be distributed almost equally for the purchase of masks and to face the expansion due to the coronavirus of the cleaning contract for schools and municipal offices. Also referring to issues derived from the covid, the bipartisan registers a game of 17,500 euros to call the contest for the design and execution of a memorial sculpture in memories of the people from Alicante who died from the pandemic, according to a unanimous agreement.

Apart from the pandemic, the government team led by Luis Barcala has decided to include issues “that must be addressed as soon as possible.” There is an item of 656,000 euros to assume the payment of the redevelopment fees of the APA Partial Plan 9, which demands Urbanism. Some 80,000 euros are also included for a sentence on a leftover in the Paseo de la Explanada, at the request of the Department of Infrastructure.

From the bipartite, the municipal spokesman, Antonio Manresa (Cs) defends that “this new modification is undertaken in response to the extraordinary emergency due to the pandemic and based on the agreement of the Council of Ministers of October 6, which suspends the rule of spending and stability, between 2019 and 2021 “, according to the spokesman, who justifies” that the inclusion of the payment of judgments and fair prices in urban matters is carried out because specific items are not contemplated in the Budget as it was presented in this exercise and for the savings in interest for the City Council if it delays its payment. The left, on the other hand, criticizes that the project has been carried out without previously agreeing with the opposition.

This modification of the Budget has been announced by the bipartisan since the end of July, although it will not be until next November 19 when it is raised to plenary session, in an extraordinary session. During these months, the local government and the opposition have held negotiations, except for Vox, which from the first moment refused to participate because – in its opinion – dedicating money to “extreme left-wing chiringuito.” The left, for its part, had even announced that it would vote against it, although at the time the document was different (it included, for example, aid to the hotel industry). It remains to be seen if the opposition in the end allows the approval of this change in the accounts or the bipartisan will have to wait for the new Budget to include projects such as the purchase of material, the expansion of the cleaning of schools or issues arising from urban projects.

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