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Barcala makes the Debate on the State of the City and the Cleaning Commission coincide

A board of spokespersons from Alicante, in file image

A board of spokespersons from Alicante, in file image
Pilar Cortes

The Debate on the State of the City and the Commission for the control of street cleaning and waste collection will be held this Thursday, November 5, with just two hours apart. The Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, has decided to match both audit appointments to the bipartisan of Alicante, despite the fact that the debate is held once a year and the commission has not met since last March. It is not the first time that the call for the Debate on the State of the City has generated controversy in Alicante. In 2018, the then mayor, Gabriel Echávarri, called the debate for December 22, the day of the Christmas Lottery. Then, the popular spokesman, Luis Barcala, criticized the decision of the socialist leader: “Evidence, once again, his cowardice to face the serious political crisis that he has caused, with all political groups calling for his resignation.” Barcala highlights that what the mayor wants is “to silence the debate by being unable to defend his terrible management, as happened in the previous one.”

Now, two years later, it is the left as a bloc (PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Compromís) that criticizes the popular councilor for marking both appointments for the same date, accusing him of wanting to torpedo the control of the municipal government. Cleaning continues to monopolize the main criticisms of citizens.


From the Municipal Socialist Group They question the mayor’s decision to call the debate just a few hours before the start of the monitoring commission for the street cleaning, waste collection and management contract, after seven months without explaining their refusal to call it. The last session was held in March. The April call was postponed at the expense of ending the state of alarm, which waned in June.

The Socialist spokesman, Francesc Sanguino, has assured that “this city is waiting for many answers from Luis Barcala.” For the socialist “it is a mistake to try to liquidate the failures of this government team in one morning and also to rigorously answer all the doubts that the Department of Cleaning carries out.

“The monitoring commission of the street cleaning contract, which despite having a monthly nature, its last call was in March, was postponed from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in order to settle the debate on the state of the city the same morning that they were accountable. of the management of cleaning and waste in Alicante. A commission that according to the plenary agreement must be public and in which the appearance of the technician responsible for the contract, Sebastián Chicote, is foreseen “, they add from the PSOE, who denounces” that they are using in a tortuous way the organs of the local administration to cover their inability to govern the city and their disastrous management in the Department of Cleaning “. Citizens, according to the socialists, “expect us to be up to the task in such important matters and we will not be if we let the mayor disperse the debates like this.”

Since United we can They reproach the mayor for making “two forums of great importance coincide so that the opposition can control the management that the government team is carrying out.” For United We Can “it is evident that Barcala is uncomfortable being accountable to the people of Alicante because he knows that his government action, especially in front of areas such as Cleaning or Social Action, is absolutely decadent, placing us at the bottom of the state rankings” . In addition, for the coalition, “making both calls coincide also denotes the government team’s obsession with opposing the opposition and hindering the oversight role that it plays in the City Council, something that we are seeing, as Unidos Podemos has already denounced, in the months that usually take to deliver documentation to the councilors, despite the fact that they should respond to their requests in five days. ”

The spokesperson for United We Can in Alicante, Xavier López, considers that “Barcala must stop hiding behind the plasma and assume the deficiencies of its management, which are harming all Alicante and Alicante”. In addition, he maintains that Alicante has “a mayor who neglects his obligations at the head of the municipal government because he feels very comfortable leading the opposition against Botànic and the coalition government.” The spokesperson for United We can demand that the mayor “avoid showing off the obscurantism and opacity that characterize him and assume his responsibility.” For all this, López announces that Unidos Podemos “will transfer this matter to the mayor in today’s meeting of spokesmen to modify the dates and thus both the commission and the debate on the state of the city, may have the importance of the impact they deserve.”

Compromís has also joined in the criticism of Barcala for making both dates coincide on the calendar.

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