Thursday, January 21

Barcala, on the “red lines” of the PSOE to the Alicante Budget: “We are not for blackmail”

Sanguino and Barcala, in a recent image
Pilar Cortes

The Mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala (PP), has charged against the PSOE for putting “red lines” in the negotiations of the municipal budget of 2021. “I do not establish the dialogue from the red lines. Sanguino must review the very successful statements of President Ximo Puig. Among institutions we are in that dynamic, in solving problems, and not in establishing conditions or blackmail. If someone believes that the Alicante Budgets should be subject to red lines, I think they are wrong, “said Barcala this morning in attention to the media after the acts for the 25- M. The mayor has also criticized the PSOE for the list of requests that they raised this Tuesday, at the second meeting between the government and the Socialists: “You cannot bring a new list to each meeting. You have to be more serious. I think you put in the negotiation, apart from the three crises, other questions is to be wrong “. Barcala refers to the two conditions of the PSOE not to oppose the accounts: withdraw the Ordinance on Begging and Prostitution (now known Ordinance of Civic Coexistence) to “agree on a document between all political groups and social agents” and a internal reorganization of the Department of Social Action to divide the municipal area in two (Emergency and Social Inclusion, on the one hand, and Social Services, on the other).

In this regard, socialist Francesc Sanguino today reaffirmed the position of his group in the negotiation with the bipartisan. “We have presented two issues that seem unquestionable to us. To facilitate the Budgets is to offer solutions to the deficiencies of the city. The PSOE is not going to allow the City Council to enter a euro for sanctioning vulnerable people,” said Sanguino, who has criticized the The attitude of the government team, which in his opinion justified this Tuesday that the Socialists rose from the meeting with the bipartisan: “It cannot be that they call us for meetings, that they ask us for proposals and then say that we delay the budget. If they had designed the draft in August, now they would not have the problem of time. They have to organize themselves better so that the opposition can participate in the Budgets “.

From the other partner of the bipartite, Citizens, José Luis Berenguer He has also put the PSOE at the center of his speech: “We want to not be with red lines. We demand that the PSOE fulfill the promise of Puig, who said that he would favor the Budget in the municipalities. We thought that the PSOE would help us, as It was said. We ask the PSOE for responsibility in the city of Alicante, “said the deputy spokesman for the orange formation, who joined the meetings between the bipartisan and the opposition on Tuesday after the initial Citizens’ plan due to discrepancies within the bipartite.

About Budgets, United We Can, that this Wednesday he will hold his second meeting with the bipartisan, he has announced that he adds to the demand of the socialists in the face of the negotiation: “The ordinance has to be withdrawn. We will not consent to the violation of human rights. withdraw, we are not considering an abstention. Blackmail is to persecute the most vulnerable people, “added the purple spokesman, Xavier López.

The second round of talks between the government and the opposition closes today with the meetings with Vox and Unidas Podemos. According to Barcala, the bipartisan intends to close the draft in “a few days”, a preliminary step to send it to Intervention for inspection.

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