Monday, May 17

Barcala unlocks the construction of the El Somni school against the criteria of the controller

Families of students from El Somni school, in a recent protest over the PAU 2 site.

Families of students from El Somni school, in a recent protest over the PAU 2 site.

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala (PP), will go beyond the criteria of the municipal controller, Francisco Guardiola, to try to unlock the construction of the new El Somni school on a plot of PAU 2. This was announced this Thursday during the Debate on the State of the City. This decision by Barcala may end the judicialized matter, since the high official has legal tools at his disposal to defend his position, such as filing a contentious-administrative appeal before the courts. This scenario is new in Alicante.

Barcala plans to sign “shortly” an official resolution to “save the objections” put up by the senior official, contrary to the City assuming jobs that – under its criteria – should be left in the hands of officials of the Ministry of Education. And it will do so, in an unpublished decision in Alicante, based on reports from the Legal Department of the City Council and the General Secretariat. “I commissioned a report from each other and both claim that the auditor is wrong. Based on those reports, I have no other alternative to unlock the project than to save the objections that Intervention puts», Explained the mayor to questions from this newspaper. This decision is unprecedented in the Alicante Town Hall, as Barcala added: “The auditor maintains that the Building Plan of the Ministry of Education does not cover all the expenses it generates. Therefore, it defends that the delegation of powers cannot be made effective because there are expenses that had to be transferred and this is not done. And from there it is not removed ».

The controller, according to Barcala, This is the first time that he is resoundingly opposed to giving the go-ahead to a Plan Edificant project in Alicante, although on previous occasions he also evidenced his opinion against the City Council having to assume with its municipal staff part of the administrative work necessary to make improvements in educational centers. Municipal sources recall that the senior official has already issued a harsh report against the delegation of powers for construction from La Cañada school (whose work is pending), although in that case it was not necessary for Barcala to have to save objections. On this occasion, with the El Somni special education center, the auditor has gone one step further. “We have reached a point of no return. We have not been able to convince him of the objections he makes», Adds the popular councilor, who underlines that it is the first time that a mayor will have to take this step to unblock a project:« The technicians find no precedent, it had never happened in the Alicante City Council. I have made this decision sure that I am right, the reports from the Legal Department and the General Secretariat support me, “he highlighted this Thursday after the end of the Debate on the State of the City, where he advanced his decision to promote the project.

Today is scheduled to hold a municipal commission prior to a next plenary session during this month of November in which the City Council will have to assume the delegation of powers. This step is necessary for the Ministry of Education to transfer the 5.7 million financing needed to carry out the project to the municipal coffers.

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