Saturday, November 27

Barcala warns that Alicante will not apply the “wild” rise in the IBI that the Government foresees to tax empty flats

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala (PP), states that The City Council will not apply the 150% surcharge in the Real Estate Tax (IBI) that provides for the new Housing Law that the central government finalizes for tax empty floors. Barcala has affirmed that this measure, contemplated in the regulations prepared by the Executive of PSOE and Podemos on the housing market, supposes “a unprecedented attack on private property, raises legal uncertainty and will negatively affect the real estate market “.

The regulation to be approved establishes the possibility that municipalities, through their town councils, can charge empty home owners up to 150% more on the IBI receipt, with the objective of reduce the ‘stock’ of unoccupied properties and mobilize these flats for rental. For Barcala, the measure, “besides being absurd, is counterproductive”, so it has announced that “Alicante City Council will not raise taxes on Alicante residents”. Barcala has recalled that its government team has reduced by 5% the Real Estate Tax and has introduced several bonuses and deductions in the IBI “to cut the high tax bill that the people of Alicante paid with the left tripartite ”. “We are convinced – added the mayor – that the best way to help companies and families in this situation of crisis is to alleviate the tax burden that they drag, and not by punishing them with more taxes ”.

In this sense, the mayor of Alicante has wanted to make it clear that if the central government forces the councils to finally apply “this senseless tax increase, the City Council will study all the legal mechanisms at its disposal so that the imposition of PSOE and Podemos do not penalize the people of Alicante ”. “In our DNA, and in our way of understanding politics, tax cuts are fundamental, so we will try to continue in this way, and reject unsuccessful recipes anchored in ideology and not in economic rationality ”, he added. “These inventions have already been launched before in some European cities, and they have always ended the same: with fewer rental homes and more expensive prices.”

The first mayor has insisted that “this nA new occurrence of the central government is not going to help solve a problem that is too complex, such as access to housing and real estate prices. Rather the complete opposite: there is a risk that the supply of housing will decrease, pOr the fear of economic agents, large and small, to invest, so there will be fewer apartments for rent due to the lack of legal certainty, and prices will rise. Just the opposite of what is being pursued ”. According to Barcala, “thus, with wild tax increases and embracing populist policies, it is difficult to want to invest in a sector as important for Spain and for Alicante as real estate ”. “These demagogic policies”, the mayor concluded, “put at risk the vitality of a key activity for Alicante’s economy, and we are not going to allow it.”

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